On Wed., Dec. 14, 2005, the new members of the Worumbo Chapter of the National Honor Society were inducted during a ceremony at Lisbon High School.

Those inducted were senior Kaleb Boucher, sophomore Rachel Beal, sophomore Stephanie Chick, sophomore Kristen Leitzell, sophomore Kyle Neagle, and sophomore Maeghan Pelletier.

The National Honor Society is a club of elite students who emphasize Scholarship, Leadership, Character and Service. To be selected for consideration, students must have a GPA of 90 or better, and be outstanding people.

The ceremony began with a piano medley by historian Candice Avery that led into the welcoming by the assistant principal, Mr. Warren Galway. After that was a reflection on the essay “Be Cool to The Pizza Dude” by President, Kayla Pelletier. Kayla’s reflection, “Beyond the Pizza Dude,” is a reminder that we should always take time to do the little things that make life better.

“Always I think of the simple pleasures,” Kayla said. “But even more important are the simple actions.”

The four pillars: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service that hold the National Honor Society so high, were read by Allison Faulk, Candice Avery, Allison Rusk, and Soleil Mathieu respectively. These three things are the guidelines for the Society and what make its members unique from others.

The candles signifying the “Light of Knowledge” were lit and a pledge was made by the new members. The NHS advisor, Mrs. Brenda McKee, followed that by issuing a challenge to the new members.

“As members of the NHS, do your part to promote justice. When someone is ostracized…when you hear others urging someone to fight for their own amusement, when callous students make cheap jokes at the expense of those who are different, speak up and make a difference.”

Cards and pins were handed out following Mrs. McKee’s speech, and Angie Estes read “A Goal of Service to Mankind” by Anthony Fauci. Rebecka Beal introduced the keynote speaker, Mr. Galway, and he spoke about commitment.

Kayla closed the event and another induction ended. The National Honor Society inducts new members every year. It is a very prestigious organization and it is recommended that every student strive to be a part of it.

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