AUBURN – The following building permits were issued recently.


June Spear, 640 West Auburn Road, construct sun porch, $10,000.

Tucson Inc., 88 Monroe St., demolish shed and rebuild on same slab, $1,500.

Dave and Jim Sargent, 636 Nor River, construct frost wall and cap over, $14,300.

Solo Properties, 64 Stevens Mills Road, replace kitchen cabinets and tops, install egress windows and firewall, $1,075.

Kohl’s Department Stores Inc., 105 Mount Auburn Ave., demolish commercial structure, $100,000.

Hallmark Gift Store, 550 Center St., Space 1014, demolish store to make way for Hot Topic Store, $5,000.

Auburn-Lewiston Airport, White Hangar Dr., concrete pad for fuel farm storage tanks, $30,000.

Pepsi Bottling Group, 191 Merrow Rd., concrete pads for pH neutralization system, $10,000.

Hot Topic c/o Maryann Artana, 550 Center St., Space 1014, tenant fit out for space, $75,000.

Mark Rogers/GFI Partners, 730 Center St., tenant interior finish, $199,450.

U.S. Cellular, 730 Center St., Space 1130, construct interior wall, $6,000.

U.S.A. Army Reserve, 1072 Minot Ave., construct truck wash station/addition, $200,000.

Dick Potvin, 336 Center St., Unit 6, alterations to commercial space, $15,000.

Big River LLC, 195 Center St., demolish single-family home, $10,000.

Big River LLC, 199 Center St., demolish commercial structure, $15,000.

E to P LLC/Keller-Williams Realty, 34 Center St., interior alterations to commercial space, $15,000.


Timothy Mink, 119 Taft Ave., construct 24- by 40-foot ranch, no deck, $90,000.

Philip Jackson, 72 Allen Ave., alterations to create bathroom and bedroom, $4,000.

Richard Graham, 1318 Turner St., single story addition, capped off second floor deck, 18 by 20, $7,500.

K.J. Wireless/US Cellular, 40 Mine Road, construct structural communications tower, compound, and utility bunker as proposed by plan, $131,000.

Rexford Smith, 10 Hickory Drive, jack barn, replace walls increasing wall height by 24 inches, $10,000.

Carlos and Stella Gammaitoni, 125 Fairway Drive, finish basement area living space for house, $77,000.

Fred Taylor, 24 Oxford St., construct sunroom on deck foundation, $15,000.

Aileen Veilleux, 38 Pride Road, demolition of porch, $500.

William Eugley, 118 Country Club Dr., construct addition to garage 18 by 22, $5,000.

Robert and Dorothy Bowyer, 15 Country Club Dr., construct 15 by 15 sunroom addition, $15,000.

Pleasant and Summer LLC, 151 Pleasant St., construct 18-inch wide fire escape for two second floor apartments, $2,200.

Mark and Karen Danyla, 743 Court St., construct 12 by 20 shed, $2,000.

Brian Baird, 880 Minot Ave., construct 16 by 20 addition, $10,000.

Laurie Dudley, 10 Wood Street, replace front and rear steps/landings, $1,000.

James Pittman, 1049 Center St., construct egress staircase and alter garage to duplex apartments as proposed $30,000.

Ed Paione, 38 Hickory Drive, construct single-family home with attached garage as proposed by plan, $200,000.

Brent Bilodeau, 27 Country Club Dr., finish 9 by 16 room in basement, $1,000.

Maine Source, 58 Clubhouse Lane, construct single-family dwelling with garage, $180,000.

Maine Source, 64 Clubhouse Lane, construct single-family home with garage, $180,000.

Kathy Whitehouse, 1229 Turner St., construct 16 by 21, two-story addition and 3-foot, 6-inch vertical expansion over existing, $100,000.

Anaika Continant, 21 Lake St., replace fire damaged single-family dwelling, $120,000.

Maine Source Homes, 58 Clubhouse Lane, construct 6 by 150 retaining wall, $2,000.

Ralph Wyman and Peggy Gray, 29 Huard Ave., construct 16 by 22 addition to mobile, $20,000.

OHC properties LLC, 13 James St., replacement of kitchen floor system, $1,000.

Blue Horizon Development Corp., 533 Turner St., construct 28 by 38 cape with attached 22 by 24 garage, no deck, $137,000.

Larry and Denise Cogle, 1520 Perkins Ridge Road, construct single-story sunroom, 20 by 22, $59,000.

Normand M. Lamontagne, 122 Ninth St., convert one-story warehouse into two-story duplex, $80,000.

Kohl’s Dept. Stores, Inc., Troy Green, 105 Mount Auburn Ave., construction of retail store, $6,700,000.

Richard Potvin III, 336 Center St., Unit 2 (top nails), renovation of existing space, $2,200.

Tre, LLC, 279 Center St., preparation of space for fit up for existing space, Cingular Wireless, $37,450.

Mike Woodworth, 374 Main St., renovate apartment, $8,000.

Mike Woodworth, 374 Main St., enclose garage door openings, $500.

George Schott, 723 Turner St., demolish single-family structure, $20,000.

George Schott, 977 Turner St., demolish single-family structure/garage, $20,000.

Eric Edmunds, 48 Summer St., construct attached garage, $39,000.

Gary McFarland, 75 Hickory Dr., install foundation and footer, $30,000.

Tom Linke, 528 Trapp Road, repair/replace foundation of single-family home, $10,000.

Cam Luu, 945 Center St., alterations to commercial space for restaurant, $10,000.

Thomas Bard, 649 Turner St., construct commercial structure (Ruby Tuesday Restaurant), $100,000.

Cam Luu, 945 Center St., create opening in non-load bearing wall and enclose opening in non-load bearing wall, $500.

Big River LLC, 195 Center St., construct commercial structure, $1,100,000.

TRE, LLC, 279 Center St., preparation of space for fit up for existing space, Quiznos, $37,450.

Central Maine Neurology, 10 Minot Ave., alterations to medical facility, $307,000.

Cingular Wireless, 279 Center St., tenant fit out, $125,000.

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