SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Charlotte and Michel LaPierre to Nicolas and Amie LaPierre, in Newry.

Thomas A. and Lawanda M. Gibbs to Mark S. Schmerbeck, in Bethel.

Carol Ann Raymond to JASR LLC, in Norway.

Dorothy E. Meldrum and Estate of Earnest E. Meldrum to Ava M. Crocker, in Dixfield.

Catherine P. O’Bar and Edmund P. O’Bar to First Light United Pentecostal Church, in Dixfield.

Priscilla J. Cousins to Tommy R. and Diane L. Morissette, in Norway.

Boris and Jean V. Popovic to Jennifer C. Garron, in Rumford.

Craig M. Lemieux to John A. Jr. and Lisa A. Huff, in Newry.

Patricia A. Reynolds and Patricia A. Hendrixon to Patricia A. and William L. Reynolds, in Norway.

Mary F. Leavitt to Mary F. Leavitt and Leavitt Family Trust, in Sumner.

Julie C. and Henry Walter and Ned H. Bresette to Mariel N. Geiger, in Norway.

Eric G. and Kathi D. Mixson Schandelmeier to Jane C. Avery and Elvira Z. Avery Trust, in Newry.

Kenneth A. and Ruth Mary Jean Leary to Mark and Connie Ramsdell, in Otisfield.

Nathan W. and Melissa A. Russell to Kenneth A. Nye, in Hartford.

Rosalie Farrington and Rosalie L. Marr to Patricia L. Thomas, in Rumford.

Ronald L. Thurston to Carol A. Thurston, in Rumford.

Jill H. Ford and Lauren Chase Bennet and Julia Janick and Julia Douds Janick to Thomas J. Field, in Dixfield.

Beverly B. Farrington and Crystal A. Cannon to Christopher A. Hanson and Wanda J. Mills, in Oxford.

Penley and Mills Inc. to Dale L. Eichorn and Dale L. Eichorn Revocable Trust, in Buckfield.

Norman H. Dock to SPC Construction Inc., in Bethel.

Terry L. White and Estate of Raymond Theodore Spydell to Brian S. Chase, in Rumford.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Jack Harte and Jason Marco, in Newry.

Rosalie M. Buck and Estate of Derwood C. Buck to Rosalie M. Buck, in Paris.

Sylvia Metivier to Sylvia Metivier and Sylvia Metivier Revocable Trust of 2005, in Woodstock.

James J. and Ruth M. Sughrue to James J. Sughrue and 44 Scranton Avenue Nominee Trust, in Newry.

Florence Y. Buck to Llewellyn E. Buck, in Milton Plantation.

Robert J. and Ann F. Rouleau to Eric E. and April M. McLean, in Rumford.

Lucien J. Arsenault to Ryan A. Young, in Mexico.

Douglas C. White to Deborah J. Averill, in Mexico.

Peter G. Baker and Suzanne S. Hayner and Estate of Mary A. Tripp to Peter G. Baker and Suzanne S. Hayner, in Newry.

Peter G. Baker to Suzanne S. Hayner, in Newry.

Suzanne S. Hayner to Peter G. Baker, in Newry.

Deborah C. Litchfield and Estate of Wayne A. Litchfield to Deborah C. Litchfield, in Sumner.

Royal River Development Co. and Royal River Development Corp. to Custom Built Homes of Maine Inc., in Newry.

Custom Built Homes of Maine Inc. to Robert M. and Kathleen A. Powell, in Newry.

Timothy E. and Julie V. Snell to Timothy E. Snell, in Hebron.

A and B Equipment to Mahoosuc Land Trust, in Rumford.

Daniel W. and Daniel and Anita P. and Anita Kreiner to Robert J. Rizzuto, in Albany Township.

Victor J. Haverinen to Dennis P. Durgin, in Paris.

Jim Y. Chin to Erin E. Glendenning to Aaron M. Aspinall, in Norway.

Priscilla Gammon and Priscilla Andrews Brackett to Priscilla I. Gammon and Ellery E. Gammon, in Waterford.

Arthur T. and Susan C. Stephenson to G. and G. Builders LLC, in Bethel.

G. and G. Builders LLC to Matthew A. Bearce and Stephanie M. Crimmins, in Bethel.

Ruth A. Baker to Ruth A. and Bruce Baker, in Otisfield.

Ruth A. Baker to Scott W. Baker and Brenda J. Durgin and Douglas W. Baker, in Otisfield.

Eugene S. and Isabella H. Martin to Deborah C. Martin, in Township.

Eugene S. and Isabella H. Martin to Isabella M. McDaniel, in Township.

Eugene S. and Isabella H. Martin to Randall H. Martin, in Township.

Brian M. Nolan to Rabia M. and William G. Hammel, in Norway.

George F. Wood to George F. Wood and Sheila Beal, in Andover.

Dorothy G. Anderson and Edith H. Russell to Dorothy G. Anderson, in Andover.

Cynthia A. Rand and Cynthia A. Ramsdell to Jason E. Perreault and Amy F. Jordan, in Rumford.

Madeline E. Pratt to Oramel E. Pratt, in Norway.

Madeline E. Pratt to Vira P. Micklon, in Norway.

Madeline E. Pratt to Beverly P. Kimball, in Norway.

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