SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently.

Joseph Brickel to Brandon W. and Timothy W. and Kathleen L. Douglas, in West Paris.

John R. Webb to Angela M. Webb, in Norway.

Fred Scott and Mildred I. Barrett to Vivian A. and Rodney J. Crocker, in Hartford.

Warren F. Whitney to Bruce E. Lindstrom, in Byron.

Bruce and Donna Putnam and Janie M. Dame to Joseph C. Putnam, in Peru.

River View Timeshare Trust to Peter A. and Mary Ellen Gartner, in Bethel.

Robert E. and Jeanne C. Davis to Carol Davis Parker, in Greenwood.

Pamela J. Saunders to David W. and Christine E. Bartholomew and Pamela J. Saunders, in Newry.

Ralph L. and Joyce M. Hoyt to Jason N. Mowery, in Woodstock.

Charles W. II and Janet R. Bowman to Joel Young, in Rumford.

Sterling A. Mills to Sterling A. Mills and Tamara Ashbury and Tamara I. Billings and Betsey A. Cummings and Jobparcs Trust, in Woodstock.

Gregory J. and Rebecca A. Duclos to Anthony P. Jr. and Pienee B. Charette, in Bethel.

Patricia Dixon to Frank and Cris Dorval, in Oxford.

Madeline E. Pratt to Oramell E. Pratt, in Norway.

Madeline E. Pratt to Vira P. Micklon, in Norway.

Madeline E. Pratt to Beverly P. Kimball, in Norway.

Gina G. White to Gina G. White and Gina G. White Revocable Trust, in Newry.

Christina F. Kimball to Bonita M. Sessions and Brian J. Strickland, in Bethel.

Steven S. and Kt. Swanson Welch to John J. and Leigh Ann MacFarlane, in Newry.

Maine Mountain Properties LLC to Edwin K. III and Sheila M. Harding, in Newry and Bethel.

Irwina Smith to John P. and Suzette B. Cote, in Woodstock.

Western Maine Custom Builders Inc. and Mountain Valley Land Company LLC to Western Maine Custom Builders Inc., in Bethel.

Amr Morry El-Badry and Nina Petrushova to Amr Morry El-Badry, in Woodstock.

Am Morry El-Badry to Nina and Nina Andreeva Petrushova, in Woodstock.

Michael and Jennifer Stewart to Jerry and Donna Dodge, in Paris.

Barbara and George Swett to John J. and Pauline A. Lavorgna to Oxford Federal Credit Union, in Peru.

Stacie L. Chenery to David W. Chenery, in Andover.

Peter Lee Sr. and Lee Buotte to Peter Lee Jr. and Amanda Buotte, in Rumford.

Pola VanWassehnova to Michael E. LaFlamme, in Peru.

Andre J. and Annette M. St. Pierre to MSB Associates, in Rumford.

Brandi L. Collins to Michael W. Dairs, in Norway.

Oxford Route 26 LLC to Paris Farmers Union, in Oxford.

Rand N. Stowell Jr. to Clinton W. Bailey, in Dixfield.

Dennis and Faith J. Jones and Faith J. Rosenberg to Norma L. Heidrich, in Oxford.

Robert P. Bahre and Gary Bahre to Richard and Marie I. McGuiness, in Hebron.

Jennifer M. Pitcher and Richard J. Gallant to Molly A. Gray, in Newry.

Patricia J. Jacobs to Scott L. Marsters, in Canton.

Jack L. Cross and Estate of Stuart A. Cross to Janice Y. Cross in Bethel.

Joseph C. Putnam to Lawrence E. Hansen, in Peru.

Kelly E. Rioux to Ilmars Labrencis, in Otisfield.

Dennis F. Aylward and Lisa W. Aylward to David R. and Gail M. Allenson, in West Paris.

Peter A. and Becky M. Robichaud to James W. and Valerie E. Tester.

Harry Kimball Sr. to Christopher H. Stearns, in Paris.

R and D Land Sales Inc. to Paris Holdings LLC, in Paris.

R and D Land Sales Inc. to Richard F. and Lorraine H. Kennagh, in Paris.

Oak Crest Realty Trust and Sara S. Carson and James A. Perry to Paul W. Meredith, in Rumford.

Mark McAlister to Oxford Properties LLC, in Hartford.

Mark L. and Kenneth A. Cuneo to Harold E. III and Susan S. Hibbard, in Upton.

Lois J. Gammon to Craig C. Gammon, in Sumner.

Lois J. Gammon to Clifford and Jennie Davis, in Sumner.

Lois J. Gammon to Daniel A. and Sandra J. Favreau, in Sumner.

Donald M. and Sheila J. Swartz to Carolyn H. Brodsky, in Newry.

Robinson Manufacturing Co. to Ronald K. and Marcella A. Kugell, in Oxford.

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