Dear Sun Spots: Is there a group or organization that needs sewing done? Thanks to Sun Spots, our sewing club has gotten off to a great start. Craft Mania has been providing space and power for our projects. So far we’ve made toiletry bags for the Abused Women’s Advocacy Project and walker totes for seniors. If anyone has a need for sewn items, please call us and perhaps we can help. You may call Gerry at 998-5703 or Kathy at 783-4872. We’re also accepting new members, including beginners. – Kathy Williamson, Andy Valley Warped Threads Sewing Club, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: How long should you keep paid bills and receipts before shredding them (like CMP, cable etc.). Thank you for your help. – R.C., Auburn.

Answer: Sun Spots previously conferred with Philip Doucette of Austin Associates in Auburn who noted items like pay stubs should be proofed against bank statements then disposed of. Once you get your W-2 forms and those numbers match the numbers of your last paycheck, discard your stubs. However, if you have additional information on your stubs that is not on your W-2s, you may want to hold onto them. Bank deposit slips and check stubs again should be held onto until they are balanced against your monthly statements, then discarded. It also doesn’t hurt to keep a couple of month’s worth of bank statements; however, in the case of a small business owner, records should be kept for a year or more. Check with your accountant if you are a business owner. The small business owner should opt for keeping paperwork until his or her accountant advises records may be discarded.

Dear Sun Spots: My daughter recently moved into a house where a tub mat has caused discoloration in one of the bathtubs. Is there anything that can be done to remove these marks? – No Name, No Town.

Answer: In addition to tips from readers, according to several online postings, Sun Spots has learned that Bar Keeper’s Friend may be a product that might assist you. Check out the company online at or by phone at (800) 433-5818 for more information. In the meantime, the company’s Web site notes you can print out the Internet order form and fax it to Lisa Neace at (317) 637-0126; or send e-mail to [email protected]; or mail in the Internet order form with your check to SerVaas Laboratories, Attn: Lisa Neace, 1100 Waterway Boulevard, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202.

Dear Sun Spots: Do you know anyone in the L-A area who performs as Elvis for a reasonable fee? I am looking for an artist who would perform in the evening for an hour or so in a nearby community. Thank you for your help. Your column is very enjoyable and helpful! – No Name, No Town.

Answer: Contact Robert Washington, through his manager Alice Dickey in South Portland at (207) 799-2500, who books him for his Maine appearances.

Dickey says Washington is married, lives in Auburn, has two children and some grandchildren and has been a “tribute artist” for about 15 years. He is the 2003 World Champion and is the only black man to reach such status. Dickey says she first met Washington as part of an Elvis fan club. She took over managing him in 1993 to help him further his career. When not crooning or swinging those hips, Washington works at Bath Iron Works.

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