King Kong is the movie to see, maybe not more than once though. You may have seen it two times before, but never like this. The movie was so well filmed it looks as If it really

happened. The way they redid it, it is exactly like before but has better effects. The acting was very good too- The actors and. actresses look like they were living it.

If you haven’t seen it the first two times it was made it would be even more exciting. The ending is surprising and good. This will make you wonder if all the places In it really are the way they are. If there is a giant gorilla somewhere in the world.

“It’s a masterpiece, but it is a long masterpiece,” is what Brent had to say about that movie. Most people would agree that three hours and fifteen minutes is a long time to be sitting in the theater. It just isn’t the same though to see a movie like that on your TV. Just because it is so long is the reason you probably would want to watch it twice.

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