ONE, DATA and LIVE 8 all have things in common. They are all fighting Poverty and AIDS in Africa. ‘ONE is a new effort by Americans to rally Americans-one by onto fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty,’ states the ONE web site. The ONE Campaign is engaging Americans through diverse coalition of faith-based and antipoverty organizers to show the steps people can take.’

Celebrities such as Bono of U2, Antonio Banderas and many others have signed the ONE Campaign’s petition to the president, in hopes of relieving people from the current suffering in Africa.

“It’s heartwarming to know people really care and really want to help,” says Brooke Chancel of New Zealand.

The DATA Campaign is a campaign founded by Bono (The front man of the band U2) in order to end AIDS in Africa. They focused the public eye on Africa through trips to the continent with well-known celebrities. DATA and ONE are working through LIVE 8 to get the messages through. LIVE 8 features bands such as Green Day, Simple Plan and The Black Eyed Peas to get the crowd going and to keep the money coming. “It’s all for the good though, it’s not like, blah, we’ll take your money and keep it to ourselves,” this said by Mellissa Carson of Ohio. Most of the people involved would say, “we’re not doing it because it’s right, well we are, but were doing it for the people who are suffering.” On a Discovery Channel feature on the Suffering in Africa, a young man with AIDS says, “I don’t need protection, because I really don’t care, I will die anyway,” Africans who get AIDS lose their self-respect, and the respect for others. This young man was asked what if his sisters contracted AIDS from others, and he stated, “Nothing, I don’t care.”

I think ONE, DATA, and LIVE 8 will grow as it goes on, and so many people for one purpose, will eventually make a bigger difference. The campaign is a great idea for raising money to really find treatments and pay for the modern expenses of housing young ones who are orphans to aids and treating those with aids. I hope that ONE. DATA and LIVE 8 opens up the eyes of the people to what is really going on, and what should be done.

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