Dear Sun Spots: I would like to know if you or any of your readers know where we might purchase the booklets that hold the state of Maine coins. We have managed to find them until this year, but no one seem to have the newest booklets. Thanks for your help. – G.B., Waterford.

Answer: You can find a variety of 50-state quarter coin collector folders through the United States Mint’s coin folder vendor, Whitman Publishing LLC. In addition to many folder choices, they offer an official U.S. Mint 100-hole 1999-2008 folder for $7.99 or a U.S. Mint deluxe 50 state quarter archive map for $14.99. You can order by phoning 1-888-324-3076 or through their Web site at, click on United States Mint, Coin Binders and Portfolios. Locally, Republic Jewelry and Coin, 212 Center St., Auburn, 784-4444, stocks a variety of 50 state quarter coin folders, including a 100-coin coin folder for $6.95 and a folding U.S. quarters map for $9.95.

Dear Sun Spots: I am looking for some homemade bird suet recipes. I saw one in a November magazine and cannot seem to locate it. The more the better. Thank you. – M. Ellis, Peru.

Answer: In addition to responses from readers, you might like to check in with Maine Audubon via its Web site at or by writing/phoning them at 20 Gilsland Farm Road Falmouth, ME 04105, (207) 781-2330. According to the Web site, a western Maine chapter of Maine Audubon is to be updated on the site.

You might also check out the peanut butter-suet mix recipe from the University of Maine’s Co-Operative Extension Web site:

You can form this mixture into blocks for a basket feeder or pack it into a pine cone or into holes drilled into a small log. Ingredients and Method: 1 cup melted suet, 1 cup peanut butter (smooth or crunchy), 1 cup flour, 4 cups yellow cornmeal. Mix the suet and peanut butter, then add the flour and cornmeal. You may need to adjust the amount of cornmeal if the mixture is too sticky or too dry. For variety, try adding one or more of these: 1 cup sunflower seeds, 1 cup currants, 1 cup chopped peanuts.

Sun Spots would also recommend you talk with the Maine Audubon to ensure you’re choosing the correct food for the species of birds you’d like to attract to your feeders. Perhaps there are some readers who would be willing to share their birding tips with you.

Dear Sun Spots: I am in need of Red Heart yarn in the color candy to finish a hat and mitten set. Is there someone who has this shade who would be willing to share? Thank you very much. – Ethelyn Gorey, Lisbon Falls.

Dear Sun Spots: I have four sets of old encyclopedias if anyone has a use for them. They are in excellent condition but about 25 years old. – No Name, No Town.

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