AUBURN – The Edward Little Class of 1966 is planning its 40th reunion to be held Saturday, Sept. 16, at the Martindale Country Club, 527 Beech Hill Road. The last reunion was 10 years ago. A golf tournament is planned for the afternoon. Evening festivities will start at 6 p.m. All the details will be provided in the invitation.

The organizing committee is making every effort to reach as many classmates as possible. Anyone who can provide information on missing classmates is asked to call Nancy Day Weber at 782-7023 or e-mail Jane Dyer Ham at [email protected]

The committee needs help in locating Earl Belanger, Ralph Smith Jr., Edward Clark, Ronald Bolduc, Linda Olive Allen Bracket, Mark Vogel, Ronald Lepage, Gerard Levesque, James Mair, Richard Merrow, Michael Lang, Allan Lavine, Richard Fontaine, Ada Bishop Mills, Roseann Blanchard Harlow.

Also, Donna Bordeau Stevens, Nancy Bouchard Labbe, David Frost, Dianne Caron Verville, Faith Carvill Price, Robert Taylor, Blaine Merrill, Linda Cody, Sharon Comeau, Christopher Higgins, Gwendolyn Daggett Lorraine Richard Turmenne, Joyce Driscoll Leighton, Theresa Duchette Coloy, Mariette Dufour Thomas.

Also, Ralph Trundy, Paul Crowley, Terrance Whittemore, Michael Dudzik, Gordon Tucker, Michael Galarneau, Michael Serekian, Susan Estabrook Rhodes, Darrell Wiers, Thomas Sylvester, Mary Farrar Edgecomb, Harold Emery, Michael Morris, Shelia Fuller Blodgett, Armand Doyon.

Also, Lynne George Nasraliah, Ronald Goulet, Shery Gilbert, Linda Goodwin Berube, Susan Greeley, David Goodell, Dorothy Green Hatch, Martha Hamscom, Melody Ham Harri, Lionel Ogilvie, Richard Barrell, David Woodbury, Patricia Heathco, Beverly Houston Winchenbach.

Also, Richard Edmonston, Christine James Brown, Michael Nolin, Donald Rose, Michael Biker, Richard Moreau, Paul Roberts, Peter McNulty, Pamela Jones Carnacho, Jeanne Jordan Marilew, David Turmenne, Claudette LaFleur Newhall, Manning Jackson, Andrew Ross, Roland Bussiere.

Also, Louise L’Heureux Hart, Janis MacKenzie Stowe, Mary Maguire, Gerry Marcus, Sherrill Mason Merrow, Barbara McGilvery Jamrog, William Hendricks, Thomas Lawrence, Gerald Vye, Betty Mills Fickett, Anne Moody Tewhey, Lynn Moore Mason, Jeannette Morin, Janis Nadeau Lavoie.

Also, Roger Lachapelle, Margaret Palman Gray, Sandra Parkins Strout, Richard Bedard, Richard Daignault, Gerard DeBlois, Deane Rice, John Peter Armstrong, Richard Files, Judy Poor Wills, Nancy Porter Ouelette, Rebecca Pratt Beam, Viola Pratt Pynes, Jeanne Prout Delgado.

Also, Robert Bedard, Donald Morency, Leslie Raymond Currey, Paul Bellemare, Jeffrey Nelson, Steven Sherman, Daniel Turcotte, Linda Rowell Whitman, Susan Russell Marquis, Lawrence Tretola, Janice Sanborn Pearl, Marguerite Schoppe Tucker, David Tripp, Cynthia Torrey Whiting.

Also, Salley Torrey Leclair, Elizabeth Towle Caton, Robert White, Nancy Vallee Spaulding, Herbert Swift, Dennis Stowe, Bruce Talon, Marilyn White Sherman, Thomas Banks, Susan Williams, Ronnie Wilner Sugerman, Patricia Wise, Dennis Ames, Thomas Bedwell, Sue Patneaude, Richard Mercier, Alan Miller.

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