WEST PARIS – According to Town Manager Donald Woodbury, the unusually mild winter is having a positive effect on the town.

“So far, we are seeing some savings in winter road maintenance because we have not had a lot of snow, and the highway crew has not had to spend as many extra hours on the job to keep up with normal winter conditions,” he said Friday. “They have had several small snow storms, too, and some icing to deal with, but those have been of short duration, and the roads could be treated without making multiple trips.”

West Paris has more than 30 miles of roads, and the sand/salt pile tends to be close to half gone by the end of January. This year, however, about a third of the material is used up.

In comparison, neighboring Woodstock is seeing only a slight downward trend in winter maintenance costs. Woodstock has seen a little more snow.

Town Manager Vern Maxfield said, “I don’t see very much difference between past years and this, but we have had some savings in overtime. I would estimate it at around $500 or $600. If the mild weather stays with us, though, we might see more savings show up later. We’ll have to wait until spring to know for sure.”

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