FARMINGTON – Yang is a special cat awaiting her chance to go into a special home. She came to the Franklin County Animal Shelter in the middle of a winter storm.

She was dropped off on the doorstep with her sister, Ying. They were left under the eaves cornered between the shelter and a massive snowbank. The police called a staff member to take the two cats into the building so they would not freeze.

Staff said the two cats were lucky that someone spotted them. Staff said upon arrival they were the most affectionate cats. Ying has been placed, but Yang is waiting for a second chance.

She loves to cuddle and snuggle and to loll about in a warm sunbeam. She would do well in any type of home because she adapts well to any situation. She would be an exceptional cat for a quiet home, sitting on a lap and soaking up the attention given to her, or a rambunctious home, chasing an untied shoelace.

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