WOODSTOCK – A fundraising campaign run by the Fire Department to raise money to purchase an ice rescue sled has been so successful that it’s raised more money than originally expected.

Town Manager Vern Maxfield told the selectmen Tuesday that, in the two and a half weeks since the fundraiser began, $12,000 has come in, all through private donations.

“The department needed $6,020 for the purchase of an ice rescue sled and the accessories needed to add the unit to the town’s emergency fleet,” said Maxfield. “So about twice what was needed has come in. I think this shows how much our people care about their town and being prepared for emergencies that might arise.”

The idea was raised in mid-January because of the large number of lakes and ponds in the immediate area that are popular with ice fishermen and snowmobilers.

The idea drew immediate support from selectmen. It was noted that the only units available for ice rescue in the area are in Andover and Oxford.

Now, with the extra money, fire department personnel plan to look for a used pickup truck that can be used to transport the unit and related equipment.

To show appreciation for the donations, a demonstration of the sled for the public is planned from 10 to 11 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 12.

It will be held at Johnny’s Bridge at the west end of North Pond.

Also, thank you letters will be sent to all donors.

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