DIXFIELD – Dirigo High School has announced its honor for the first quarter.

Seniors high honors: Devin Brann.

Seniors honors: Danielle Blouin, Sandra Copeland, Cassandra Coulthard, Sarah Francoeur, Katelynn Giasson, Deidre Gilbert, Nick Goddard, Michelle Hamann, Leora Henry, Kerri Kimball, Holly Knight, Lindsey Milledge, Ashley Noyes, Autumn Socquet, Donna White.

Juniors high honors: Abby Fenstermacher, Bradley McLeod.

Juniors honors: Melissa Bacon, Shannon Daley, Melissa Harvey, Justin Jackson, Jasmine Jacques, Korina Lee, Jessica Mayo, Ashley Remeika, Megan Russell, Tiffany Virgin, Katy White, Maryann Wing.

Sophomores honors: Ohla Borysenka, Shiloh Felt, Alyson Gill, Kayla Hinkley, Brianna Janke, Adam Law, Brittany Moore, Brittany Palmer.

Freshmen high honors: Chelsea Bernard, Anna Chase.

Freshmen honors: Jazmine Brooks, Kayla Chiasson, Heidi Cox, Brandon Doyen, Aaron Fenstermacher, Kristen Harvey, Briant Hunt, Lindsay McKeen, Ashley Moro, Joshua Palmer, Joshua Richardson, Katelyn Rock, Emily Savage, Jennie Skillin, Marina Slover.

Dirigo High School recognizes students who have an 85 average but do not qualify for the regular honor roll. These students have a B average but received a grade or grades of C (79-84) which disqualifies them for the regular A-B honor roll. The following students received honorable mention.

Seniors: Kelly Barnett, Mariah Freeman, Matthew Gage, Christina Goodwin, Sierra Haynes, Owen Hendershot, Kenneth Jamison, Brian Keene, Joshua Larsen, Monathan McPherson, Jesse Mitchell, Sonya Moulton, Lisa Puiia, Christopher Richards, Jonathan Spaulding, Craig Young.

Juniors: Jacqueline Barnes, Ashley Coulombe, Katherine Gagne, Jessica Gill, Amy Gould, Rachael Hall, Tanya Hawk, Ashley Haynes, Nathan Knowles, Devon Madore, Kyle Miele, Nikolay Pashchenko, Kristina Pulk, Allison Roy, Erica St. Pierre, Sarah Welch.

Sophomores: Jeremy Bellegarde, Ashley Childs, Andrew Colpitts, Kyle Ellis, Marie Hebert, Justin Larsen, Ashley Merrill, Tyler Richardson, Enrico Ross, Hannah Strout, Kristina White.

Freshmen: Megan Arsenault, Jacob Averill, Nichole Berry, Dejouvon Cawthon, Rachel Child, Justin Coulombe, Tia Dakin, Tristan Franchetti, Hannah Freeman, William Gilman, Joshua Henderson, Tyler Jamison, Christina Kimball, Thomas Knight, Angela Knox, Hannah Millonen, Morgan Palmer, Hannah Stanley, Brittany Tripp, Lucien Uhde, Devon Vaughn.

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