SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in Oxford County.

Carole M. and Roland A. Larson to Doreen F. and Andrew Korhonen, in Mexico.

Robert A. Brown LLC and Robert Brown Loggin LLC and Plumbago Timber and Quarries LLC and Robert A. Brown to Gary Freeman, in Newry.

Winston D. and Joan E. and Daniel W. Jasper to Christopher R. and Diane J. Campbell, in Canton.

Donald R. Mercier and Patricia Farrington and Larry D. and Leo R. Mercier and Nancy Gaboriault and Cynthia LaPointe to Leo R. Mercier and Cynthia LaPointe, in Albany Township.

Debra York and Debra Stoehner to Jon Anthony and Debra York, in West Paris/Sumner.

David A. Brown to Steven E. Thomes, in Norway.

Patricia T. Abbott to Jean C. Saunders and Jan B. Conant, in Paris.

Cameron P. Robinson to Beth E. Robinson, in Otisfield.

Orrin Jones (pr) and Estate of Phebe W. Jones to Robinson Manufacturing Co., in Oxford.

Edward T. and Jennifer W. Hamilton to Gordon L. and Susan Wente Smith and Michael B. and Amy M. Metcalf, in Township.

John A. Sharratt and John A. Sharratt and JAS Maine Trust to Michael Hinckley and Alysia Pickel, in Hartford.

RiverView Timeshare Trust to Frank W. and Dawn Marie E. Hasty, in Bethel.

Charles E. Jr. and Mary C. Millard to Charles E. Millard Jr. and Charles E. Millard Jr. Revocable Trust 2005 and Mary C. Millard and Mary C. Millard Revocable Trust 2005, in Bethel.

Cathlynn and Joseph Difrancesco to RiverView Timeshare Trust, in Bethel.

Shirley and Shirley C. Staples to Linda Tate and Brenda Wight and Susan Fox and Dennis Billings and Barbara Childs, in Rumford.

Mountain Valley Land Company LLC and Western Maine Custom Builders Inc. to Western Maine Custom Builders Inc., in Bethel.

Nanci A. Allard and Carrie A. Castonguay to Joseph E. Martineau, in Dixfield.

Louise R. Scott to Louise R. and Troy E. and Tylene E. Scott, in Peru.

Margaret A. Davis to Thomas Davis, in Albany Township.

Kenneth M. and Alice E. Dixon to Kenneth M. and Michael J. Dixon, in Andover.

Ronald D. Fitts to Gregory and Linda D. Holladay, in Oxford.

Christopher J. and Heather M. Delamater to Ronald D. Fitts, in Oxford.

D. Scott and Carol A. Gould to Louise Jonaitis, in Hanover.

Harrison M. and Frances M. Burns to Burns Family Real Estate Trust, in Hanover.

Joseph F. Dubois to Joseph F. and Joseph F. Jr. Dubois and Elise M. Sicotte, in Mexico.

Carolyn Merrill to Paul Jeffrey Merrill, in Roxbury.

Robert G. and Sheryl E. Gray to Georgina L. Rhoades, in Norway.

Ida M. and Charles L. Millett to Rodney W. Millett and Linda Micklon, in Norway.

David K. and Judith L. MacDonald to Tamara J. Clark, in Paris.

Gladys C. Polland and Estate of Carleton Polland Jr. to Gladys C. Polland, in Upton.

Robert A. Brown LLC to Gary Freeman, in Newry.

Hersey Family Limited Partnership to Marcia W. Hersey, in Waterford.

Hersey Family Limited Partnership to Paul Scott Hersey, in Waterford.

Hersey Family Limited Partnership to Todd K. Hersey, in Waterford.

Gerald F. Gardner to Linda E. MacDonald, in Waterford.

Western Maine Custom Builders Inc. to Brian P. and Rebecca L. Bouchard, in Bethel.

Wayne and Joyce A. Moody to Andre G. and Mary Ellen Carrier, in Mexico.

Jasen A. Errington to Rosemarie Brann, in Dixfield.

Community Concepts Inc. to Daniel C. and Penny A. Ruest, in Buckfield.

George and Frances P. Philip to Sandra S. and David M. Summerson, in Newry.

River View Timeshare Trust to Matthew and Kristin Brooks, in Bethel.

James J. Biskupiak to George J. and Linda M. Tremblay, in West Paris.

David B. Bragg to Mark McAllister, in Sumner.

Douglas A. and Elizabeth Chamberlain to Donald Townshend and Leslie Krichko, in Bethel.

Andre G. and Mary E. Carrier to James R. Viger, in Rumford.

Timothy and Roberta A. Henry to Scott G. Dixon, in Otisfield.

Clayton E. and Winona B. Polland to Genise D. Knowlton, in Otisfield.

Edwin R. Rolfe III to Edgar W. Damon Jr., in Waterford.

Joseph H. Rolfe to Oxford Hills Christian Fellowship, in Norway.

Renata E. Rolfe to Oxford Hills Christian Fellowship, in Norway.

Howard Pond Outlook LLC to Louise Jonaitis, in Hanover.

Louis and Louise Jonaitis to Howard Pond Outlook LLC, in Hanover.

Howard Pond Outlook LLC to Robert A. Brown, in Hanover.

Howard Pond Outlook LLC to Milford Allen Orndorff, in Hanover.

Marilee A. Cooper to James A. Davis, in Oxford.

Mountain Valley Land Company LLC and Western Maine Custom Builders Inc. to John W. and Nancy O’Neill Fennell, in Bethel.

Alfred G. and Anna Bilodeau to Gary Bilodeau and Roxanne Dubey, in Upton.

Alexandra H. McElwaine and Alexandra H. McElwaine Revocable Trust to Michael M. Dubosse, in Magalloway Plantation.

Bernice A. Lufkin to Brian L. Lufkin, in Peru.

Pauline E. Bernard and Pauline E. Bernard Family Trust to Rachel Auger and Amelia Cormier and Robert G. Folland, in Mexico.

Matti H. and Etta Mae J. Korhonen to Christopher H. Stearns and Dawn K. Jesseman, in Paris.

Cathy L. Rubino to Salvatore Rubino III, in Paris.

Eleanore Flagg to Eleanore Flagg and Lawrence A. Roakes, in Otisfield.

Terry J. Fritz and Earl Q. Sheffield to Terry J. and Earl Q. Sheffield, in Woodstock.

Stacy B. Truman to Todd R. Truman, in Oxford.

Anthony M. Petraccone to Heather L. Petraccone, in Waterford.

Sara S. Carson and James A. Perry and Oak Crest Realty Trust to Timothy M. Johnson, in Rumford.

Paul E. Vachon and Estate of Sudie L. Vachon to Paul E. Vachon and Sudie L. Vachon Trust, in Bethel.

Paul E. Vachon and Sudie L. Vachon Trust to Paul E. and Jason P. and Ryan E. Vachon, in Bethel.

Michael J. Fox to Lindsay S. Fox, in Newry.

Elizabeth J. Lozier to George T. Lozier, in Andover.

Ronald K. and Rita B. and Rita F. Melendy to Thomas E. and Arthur R. Melendy, in Hartford.

Orville and Barbara Meisner to Dorothy G. Anderson, in Andover.

Dorothy G. Anderson to Orville and Barbara Meisner, in Andover.

James A. Davis to Marilee A. Cooper, in Oxford.

John K. Scott to Robert L. and Jenny S. Hopper, in Bethel.

Lumadini Realty LLC to Jennifer J. Southworth, in Woodstock.

Christopher G. Molloy to Kristen Rivard, in Newry.

Pamela Payne yo Randy Payne, in Oxford.

Velma I. Jaaranen to Charles K. Wille, in Albany Township.

Jason A. Sarro to Cheryl A. Shattenberg, in Woodstock.

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