LEWISTON – The following divorces were granted recently in Maine 8th District Court.

Todd Harriman of Lewiston and Diane Harriman of Lewiston, married Sept. 20, 1998.

Derick Emery of New Gloucester and Tarka Emery of Auburn, married July 24, 2004, in Westbrook, custody of one child to be shared.

Michael Roy of Minot and Lisa Roy of Lewiston, married Sept. 19, 1994, in Lewiston, custody of two children to be shared.

Eugene Warner of Auburn and Patricia Warner of Lewiston, married Feb. 23, 1986 in Lewiston.

Robert Boucher of Lisbon Falls and Laura Boucher of Lewiston, married June 2, 2001, in Lisbon Falls, custody of one child to be shared.

Timothy McDonald of Wales and Patricia McDonald of Wales, married Jan. 9, 1988, in Winthrop, custody of three children to be shared.

Andre Levesque of Lewiston and Joy Levesque of Auburn, married June 19, 2004, in Auburn.

Darrell Hamby of Lewiston and Irene Hamby of Lewiston, married June 2, 1979, in Lewiston.

Robert Leclair of Saco and Pamela Leclair of Lewiston, married April 23, 2005, in Lewiston.

Jeffrey Sanipas of Lewiston and Robin Sanipas of Lewiston, married Jan. 9, 2000, in Lewiston.

James Kelley of Durham and Taryn Kelley of Durham, married June 4, 1990, in No. Yarmouth.

Andre Couturier of Greene and Nicole Couturier of Greene, married Oct. 19, 2002, in Lewiston.

Alan Johnson of Lewiston and Yolande Johnson of Lewiston, married Oct. 4, 1980, in Poland.

Gerald Cadman of Sabattus and Signe Cadman of Poland, married June 12, 1982, in Poland.

Chuck Starbird of Minot and Shelly Starbird of Minot, married Sept.9, 1995, in Minot.

Raymond St.Hilaire of Mechanic Falls and Jeanne St.Hilaire of Mechanic Falls, married June 20, 2005, in Mechanic Falls.

Norm Langlois of Lewiston and Lorraine Langlois of Lewiston, married April 22, 1994, in Lewiston.

Mark Stevens of Brunswick and Melissa Stevens of Lewiston, married July 10, 2004, in Fort Fairfield, custody of one child to be shared.

James Jordan of Lewiston and Annette Jordan of Lewiston, married June 30, 2001, in Niagara Falls, custody of one child to be shared.

Joseph Desrochers of Mechanic Falls and Angie Desrochers of Sabattus, married Sept. 12, 1997, in Lewiston.

Bruce Downing of Minot and Brenda Downing of Auburn, married Feb. 19, 1972, in Lewiston.

Christopher Staples of Brunswick and Jessica Staples of Lisbon, married Oct. 20, 2002, in Brunswick, custody of two children to be shared.

Steve Morin of Auburn and Lisa Morin of Auburn, married Aug. 11, 1990, in Auburn, custody of two children to be shared.

Stephen Harris of Westbrook and Lorraine Harris of Lewiston, married Aug. 6, 1998, in Lewiston.

Gary Gagnon of Auburn and Hope Gagnon of Auburn, married Nov. 6, 2005, in Mechanic Falls.

Rickey Vining of Buckfield and Lisa Vining of Auburn, married Aug. 7, 1993, in Auburn.

Edward Dunlap of Albuquerque, N.M., and Susan Dunlap of Auburn, married April 17, 1987, in Westbrook.

Brian Thompson of Lewiston and Maryann Thompson of Lewiston, married July 20, 2002, in Lewiston, custody of three children to be shared.

Edward Heath Jr. of Mechanic Falls and Tiffany Heath of Auburn, married June 29, 1996, in Poland, custody of two children to be shared.

William Giles of Lewiston and Glenda Giles of Crossett, Ariz., married Dec. 13, 2002, in Hamburg, Ariz.

Ali Ali of Lewiston and Deborah Ali of Lewiston, married May 30, 2004, in Lewiston.

Richard Pepin of Lewiston and Constance Pepin of Lewiston, married Feb. 11, 1990, in Lewiston.

Charles Ogwudiegwu of Lewiston and Andrea Ogwudiegwu of Auburn, married Jan. 16, 2001, in Portland.

Douglass Grabowski of Poland and Victoria Grabowski of Chenango Forks, N.Y., married Feb. 21, 1998, in Smithville Flats, N.Y.

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