Destination Imagination is a group of wild teenagers who get together after school and put on an act, build, and just plain have fun with friends. In DI as some people call it we choose an act to put on for judges at the regional. On my team we chose one where we have to build something that is only so much weight and has to hold a lot of weight. We will go to the regional to perform with our project that we made. My team consists of: Ashley Bower, Tyler Stormand, Courtney Reardin, Patrick Cloutier, Isaac Elie, Tifani Steward and myself Katie Budek. Our coach is Mrs. Kim Thurston.

We have a pretty wacky group – we are pretty much like the wackiest family in Maine. We always talk about the craziest things in DI. We learn a lot about each other just by being in DI. Personally, I absolutely LOVE DI. I also LOVE my group; they are just the wildest group in this country!

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