Dear Sun Spots: The Lewiston High School Key Club will celebrate its 60th anniversary at the end of the school year. The club is looking to celebrate the many things it has done in the Lewiston-Auburn community over the past 60 years. We are looking for photos or stories about Key Club. If you have had a Key Club student help you or your organization, we would like to hear from you. We are looking for alumni to celebrate this milestone. If any former Key Club students or advisers are interested in helping to plan or attend this event, please phone Marissa at 783-5705 or e-mail the club at [email protected] – Marissa Jalbert, Lewiston.

Dear Sun Spots: I love your column and read it every day. This is for the person who was looking for homemade suet cakes for her bird feeder. This is how I do it:

In my refrigerator are two permanent fixtures. One is a can. In this can goes any leftover grease. It can be bacon grease, the fat drained off when cooking hamburger, fat skimmed from homemade soup or gravy, anything like that. The other container is a covered plastic bowl. In this goes any leftover bread. It can be heels, crusts, that last stale donut, those crackers you bought but nobody ate, pizza crust (birds love pizza crust!).

When it’s time to feed the birds, I melt about 1/3 cup of the grease. While it is melting, I tear up the bread bits into chunks consistent with the size of the feeder. Pour the grease over the bread (like pouring butter over popcorn). Sprinkle with a little bird gravel (available in the pet section of the grocery store). Spoon this into your feeder or into a plastic mesh bag, like the kind onions come in.

The birds at my feeders like this better than the commercial suet cakes. – Chris Heckman, Monmouth.

Dear Sun Spots: I have written to Sun Spots several times with wonderful responses from your column and column readers.

I would like to know if you could please find me an address for Susan Saint James and Dick Ebersol who lost a son on Nov. 28, 2004, in a plane crash. Thanks. – Joan Bean, Rangeley.

Answer: Sadly, Teddy Ebersol, 14, died in a 2004 Colorado plane crash that also killed pilot Luis Alberto Polanco, 50, and flight attendant Warren Richardson III, 36.

Saint James, her husband, NBC Sports Chairman Dick Ebersol, and their two surviving sons appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show earlier this month in their first interview as a family since the crash.

Teddy Ebersol was aboard a chartered Canadair CL-601 Challenger jet with his father and older brother, Charlie Ebersol, on Nov. 28, 2004, when it crashed during takeoff in light snow and freezing temperatures from the airport near Montrose, Colo.

Dick Ebersol, Charlie Ebersol and co-pilot Eric Wicksell were injured.

You might like to try contacting the family by writing to Susan Saint James, 174 West St., No. 54, Litchfield, CT 06759.

Dear Sun Spots: Some time ago, there were two Web televisions for sale in the classified section. If those who placed the ad (or anyone else) still have them, would they please contact me? I need the wireless keyboard, and I would buy the whole unit (Classic, preferably).

Like everyone else, I love Sun Spots. It’s one of the best reasons we keep renewing. Please call me at 743-6424 after 4 p.m. – Trish in Norway.

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