SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Perry W. Virgin to Perry W. and Tracy Virgin, in Peru.

Michelle L. Vallee to Jeremiah D. Abbott, in Sumner.

Western Maine Custom Builders Inc. to Kenneth P. Hotopp and Mary R. Gorrell, in Bethel.

Dorothy Johnson to Rebekah I. Day, in Bethel.

Nancy W. Moore to Dorothy D. and Richard W. Moore, in Newry.

Jeffrey Higgins and Shawn Thurston to Shawn and Janice M. Thurston, in Mexico.

Bettina A. McKenna and Bettina A. Roberts and Bettina A. Testerman to Diann M. and Gerald B. III McKenna, in Milton Plantation.

Debra J. and Debbie and Theodore Collette to Christopher P. McLeish and Christine J. Barber, in Buckfield.

Jamie D. Milledge to David R. Gray, in Mexico.

Gary Daigle to Gary A. Austin, in Hartford.

Dorothy Divincenzo (heir) and Marilyn Gibson (heir) and estate of Marie L. White to Moderation Land Company LLC, in Otisfield.

David A. Head to Ziaoning Crowley, in Bethel.

Cheryl A. Shattenberg and Cheryl A. Erickson to Kenneth E. Poland, in West Paris.

Joe E. Bernier to Joe E. Bernier, in Upton.

Anthony P. Norton and Donald A. Hodgkin Sr. and Donald A. Hodgkins Sr. to Frank Landers, in West Paris.

Douglas E. and Karen I. Dingley to Zachary H. Bottomley, in Norway.

Western Maine Custom Builders to Simon F. Dumont, in Woodstock.

Kevin W. Hynes and G. Valerie Mercer to Zared J. Bassett, in Dixfield.

Norman K. Jr. and Barbara C. Ferguson to Norman K. III and Scott and Daniel J. Ferguson, in Hanover.

Robert R. Eaton to Matthew Robert Eaton and Kristy Sullivan, in Otisfield.

Christopher J. and Susan P. Conlan to Rory and Nicole Avitahl Curtis, in Newry.

Philip R. Corneliusen to Michael D. and Kathleen A. Nye, in Greenwood.

Richard A. and Peter B. and Paul A. Langevin to Peter B. and Richard A. and Paul A. Langevin, in Peru.

Pauline B. Turner to Richard and Deborah Clark, in Buckfield.

Michael and Marcia and Stephen Cox to Aurie B. Cox, in Canton.

Gary W. Wentzell to Rodney Daoust, in Mexico.

William N. and Julie A. Cook to Philip Cormier and Cook Family Trust, in Waterford.

Bethel Inn Corp. to William C. Moreno, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Christina N. Fay, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Patrick J. and Suzanne L. Connolly, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Charlene Rossignol, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to James S. and Laurie E. Castle, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Michael A. Moore, in Bethel.

William Hale to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Virginia E. Mason to Kalvin B. Mason, in Paris.

Virginia E. Mason to Stacy M. Mason, in Paris.

Xiaoning W. Crowley to Lakemont Bridge LLC, in Bethel.

Maine Mountain Properties LLC to Eric S. Bell and Gary G. Gardiner, in Newry/Bethel.

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