SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County.

Spencer Briggs and Lois Totman Fitts to Albert J. Jr. and Annmarie Murphy, in Greenwood.

Robert A. and Louanne E. Cameron to Betsey L. Williams, in Rumford.

Edward L. and Ellen J. Carey to Brian O’Keefe, in Dixfield.

Edward C. Devault to Alexander J. and Joyce M. Thibodeau, in Hartford.

Don Anthony and Karen Sue Hedge and Deborah P.J. and Dale H. Seymour to Brian T. Landis, in Paris.

Keith P. and Deana M. Martin to Joseph H. and Mary P. Baldiga, in Greenwood.

Charles R. Quatrano to Douglas A. and Tamilyn M. Kane, in Roxbury.

Bayroot LLC and Wagner Forest Management LTD to Raymond and Cheryl Guy, in Lincoln Plantation.

Savage Land Development LLC to Nicholas C. Haritos, in Bethel.

Jeremy R. Waddell to Jeremy R. and Jennifer Waddell, in Paris.

Gary J. and Joanne S. Logie to Gregory L. and Karen E. Galanis, in Greenwood.

Ellen Brochu to Brian Brochu, in Woodstock.

Rebecca T. Richards and Rebecca T. Abbott to Rebecca T. and Devon S. Richards, in West Paris.

Stephen L. and Cynthia A. Mahler to Robert R. and Marsha J. Rode and Robert R. and Marsha J. Rode Revocable Living Trust, in Newry.

Melco LLC to Stephen J. and Carolyn Zaleski, in Newry.

Community Concepts Inc. to Robert and Claire Pettingill Austin, in Buckfield.

Estate of Donald F. Worthley and Donna Chaisson to Keith Worthley, in Mexico.

Warren Jr. and Kristen Trundy to Randall J. Chaput, in Paris.

Dana Matthews to Dana C. and Mary S. Matthews, in Paris.

Joseph P. Kagan to Gene A. Auty and Gene A. Auty Revocable Living Trust, in Newry.

Bayroot LLC and Wagner Forest Management LTD to Glenn and Maria Tassey, in Lincoln Plantation.

Timothy W. and Kathleen L. Douglas and Mike and Barbara J. Bonang and Barbara J. Douglas to Alton B. and Nancy A. McKellick, in Paris.

Diana M. Durand to Robert S. Pasuth Jr., in Paris.

Teresa D. Grover and Teresa D. Grover and Estate of Read L. Grover to Daniel R. Grover, in Waterford.

Community Concepts Inc. to Andrew H. and Christine E. Watson, in Hebron.

Thomas F. and Lee A. Perry to Michael R. and Heidi D. Bean, in Rumford.

Thomas F. Perry and Lee A. Perry and Perry Family Trust to Michael R. and Heidi D. Bean, in Rumford.

Jamie D. Milledge to David R. Gray, in Mexico.

Jerome and Susan M. Nilon to Kenneth and Sarah B. Hill, in Buckfield.

Maria Taylor to Daniel and Diana Labrecque, in Oxford.

Howard Pond Outlook LLC to Milford Allen Orndorff, in Hanover.

Walter E. and Muriel V. Lang to Brent E. Roberts, in Oxford.

Robert E. and Rita L. Rosenthal to Nancy Persson and Mark Leonard, in Newry.

Donald J. and Sheila A. Smith to Susan Jennings, in Bethel.

Perry W. and Brenda M. Virgin to Brenda M. Virgin, in Peru.

Walter B. Clark to Stephen R. and Margaret A. Collins, in Bethel.

Anthony Mortus to Carmelo J. and Pauline I. Puiia, in Rumford.

George J. Davis to Seth L. and Melissa S. Fontaine, in Hartford.

Thomas R. O’Bear to Dennis P. and Juliya Creaser, in Newry.

Jack and Nancy Birkbeck to George and Nancy Koerner, in Otisfield.

Barbara E. Coolidge to Brian S. Webber, in Dixfield.

David L. Fillinger to Frank and Michelle Torre, in Newry.

Joseph F. and Kathleen M. Bowes to James A. and Marie T. Serack, in Newry.

Shannon M. Robinson and Shannon M. Frechette and James C. Snow to Deanna M. Bisbee and Eric T. Cole, in Paris.

G. Henry Whiting and G. Henry Whiting Trust to G. Henry and Dorothy P. Whiting, in Woodstock.

James G. Dolloff Jr. to Thomas J. Pastor and Michelle Billings, in Rumford.

Carl L. and Betty J. Young to Samuel E. Young and Pamela S. Knox, in West Paris.

Diane and Austin Stubbs to Penny Givens, in Hartford.

Stephen F. III and Cynthia A. Nolan and Alexander J. Pires and Diane E. Cooley to Stephen F. III and Cynthia A. Nolan, in Bethel.

Stephen F. III and Cynthia A. Nolan and Alexander J. Pires and Diane E. Cooley to Alexander J. Pires and Diane E. Cooley, in Bethel.

Craig Bourgeois and BBM Realty Trust to Craig Bourgeois, in Woodstock.

Craig Bourgeois to David L. Sr. and Diane M. Borst, in Woodstock.

Maine Mountain Properties LLC to Glenn M. and Carol L. Mackno, in Newry/Bethel.

Nancy J. Walsh to Nathaniel B. Dane, in West Paris.

Cloyd E. Martin to Timothy S. and Deborah L. Martin, in Paris.

Jonathan E. and Justin E. Mayhew and Estate of Cheryl S. Mayhew to Donald R. and Lisa A. Getchell, in Bethel.

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