SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Two women who claim two former U.S. Marine Corps sergeants raped them in a recruiting office sued the military Wednesday.

The lawsuit names the Navy and the Marine Corps, which is under Navy jurisdiction, and the two recruiters as defendants. It seeks unspecified damages and an injunction requiring the military to train and supervise recruiters, among other things.

The women were in high school when the alleged rapes occurred, according to the lawsuit. The recruiters, Joseph Dunzweiler and Brian Fukushima, were fined and demoted last year after court-martial proceedings but were acquitted of the most serious charges.

The plaintiffs sued under the names Jane Doe and Mary Roe to protect their privacy.

Doe believed Dunzweiler would prevent her from joining the Marines if she didn’t have sex with him, according to the lawsuit. She said she contracted a sexually transmitted disease during their encounter in the Ukian recruiting office.

Roe said Fukushima raped her during a sleepover at the office, according to court documents. She said she was drunk and could not resist his advances.

Dunzweiler was acquitted of charges he coerced Doe into having sex with him. He was convicted of five lesser charges, including having sex with another potential recruit, providing alcohol to recruits, lying to Marine investigators and asking others to lie for him. His rank was reduced from staff sergeant to corporal and he was fined $1,300.

Fukushima was convicted of sexual misconduct, adultery and asking a recruit to lie to investigators. He was demoted from sergeant to corporal and received a $1,000 fine.

Both men have since been discharged from the military, according to Marine spokesman Maj. Joe Kloppel. Kloppel said he could not reveal the type of discharge for privacy reasons, but cited the mens’ courts-martial and discharges as evidence the Marine Corps doesn’t “tolerate this type of behavior.”

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