SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers have been recorded in Oxford County.

Tammy L. Ouellette to Judy M. Perrille, in Gilead.

Scot and Christine Sawyer to Timothy R. and Jill Marie Sawyer, in Waterford.

Jeffrey and Denise Ham to Ham Real Estate Investments LLC, in Hebron.

John Hiram Pottle to John and Linda Ann Poto, in Otisfield.

Beverly A. Childs to Steven Hatch, in Dixfield.

Lawrence R. Weston to Randy G. Uhuad, in Paris.

Thomas M. Clark to Michael and Janet Varonka, in Waterford.

MDG Builders LLC and MDG Builders LLC to Michelle Wallace, in Hartford.

Cynthia G. Hamlin to Dawn L. Cummings, in Norway.

Julie C. Bresette to Dawn L. Cummings, in Norway.

Henry W. and Julie C. Bresette to Dawn L. Cummings, in Norway.

Jody L. and Kristi L. Swallow to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. and Countrywide Home Loans Inc., in Woodstock.

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. and Countrywide Home Loans Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association, in Woodstock.

Bryant R. Page to Tenley P. Bevins, in Oxford/Hebron.

Dana E. Stevens to Eino O. and Heather M. Kahkonen, in Norway.

Peter A. and Karen Toohey to Jamie L. Hodgson and Kevin P. Toohey, in Waterford.

Nancy Bell Pitcher to Arthur R. and Joanne L. Desjardins, in Andover.

Donald K. and Sharon D. Cummings to Stephen A. and Amy Hosker, in Bethel.

Neil W. Brown to Lee Arsenault, in Norway.

Susan Mione and James M. Davie to Susan Mione, in Albany Township.

Susan Mione and James M. Davie to James M. Davie, in Albany Township.

Michael J. Parsons to Nancy A. Curran and Nancy A. Curran 1995 Trust, in Waterford.

Thomas E. Meagher to Matthew John and Catherine Anne Tatarczuk, in Otisfield.

Joel M. and Elizabeth P. Kane to Ethelbert W. Plummer, in Oxford.

Joel M. Kane to Oxford Water District, in Oxford.

Antone Investment LLC to Gregg and Sheila A. Klatsky, in Bethel.

Scot P. and Christine M. Sawyer to Kevin M. and Michelle R. Leach, in Rumford.

Timothy Sawyer to Timothy and Todd R. Sawyer, in Waterford.

Evelyn S. Burns and Evelyn S. Burns Revocable Trust to Allen E. Burns, in Norway.

Robert I. and Althea M. Pike to Wayne R. Pike, in Waterford.

Josh Birrell to Tom Noble, in Newry.

Maine Mountain Properties LLC to Thomas R. and Karen A. Grimmett and Grimmett Family Trust, in Newry/Bethel.

RAD Development Inc. to Sharon M. Culbert, in West Paris.

Joseph E. Martineau to Kenneth Young, in Dixfield.

Thomas P. Theriault to Edwin L. and Isabelle H. Child, in Rumford.

Clinton G. Bradbury to Peter A. and Becky M. Robichaud, in Rumford.

Chapin Flint and C. Flint and Flint Moger to James Chapin and Kathleen D. Moger, in Hanover.

Aaron C. Trudy and Aaron C. Trundy to Maynard I. Trundy Jr., in Hebron.

Fred W. Robinson to Gregory A. and Edythe J. Estes, in Paris.

Frederick J. and Merlene I. Greenwood to Harold F. King, in Buckfield.

Nell Blanchard Elward to Richard Wood, in Rumford.

Philip Dexter and Brenda Lee O’Neil to Robert W. and Susan Brammer, in Paris.

Tamara J. Clark and Tamara J. Damon to David K. and Judith L. MacDonald, in Paris.

Kalvin Mason to Christopher H. Stearns, in Paris.

Harry J. Faulkner to Philip M. Snow, in Greenwood.

Rebecca S. Lloyd to Albert J. Lloyd, in Rumford.

Jammie L. and Melissa A. Hatfield and Melissa A. Verrill to Pamela O. Baker and Randall W. Child, in Paris.

Richard F. and Alta Rice to Richard F. Rice II, (3) in Waterford.

Emerson H. and Loretta Merrill to Russell E. Merrill, in Bethel.

John and Marcia Rogers to Eric N. and Tamera L. Richard, in Rumford.

Duane L. and Nancy J. Leavitt to Duane L. and Nancy J. Leavitt and Leavitt Family Trust, in Buckfield.

John E. and Mary G. Seilonen to Gail Sterry, in Waterford.

Sunday River Trust and Matthew J. Mallen and Brenda J. White to Brenda J. White, in Newry.

Christopher G. Molloy to Randolph H. and Tracy L. Wales, in Upton.

George D. and Esther M. Larsen to Marie Mowatt, in Mexico.

Michael C. and Maureen M. Boudreau to John A. Rogachoff, in Dixfield.

James A. Blaisdell and Roger Simard to Roger Simard, in Rumford.

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