RANGELEY – Season champions were crowned as Saddleback Mountain hosted the 2006 Maine Ski Challenge “Best of the Best” competition. The giant slalom race took place on Gray Ghost with over 100 participants. Those competing were finalists in races held throughout the ski season at Lost Valley, Auburn; Saddleback; Spruce Mountain, Jay; Black Mountain, Rumford. Top 3 finishers in each division at each site qualified for the “Best of Best”.

Saddleback’s Racing Coach Patrick Brewer and assistants Dustin Duchesne and Justin Quimby, set, officiated and timed the race. Daniel Duchesne, Devin Duchesne, Nick Bridges, Amanda Hall and Hilary Patenaude assisted with gate maintenance.

Sponsors for the Maine Ski Challenge were Pepsi, Sam’s Italians and the Sun Journal.

Following were the top 3 finishers at the “Best of Best” competition:

Male: 6-under: 1. Nate Leger, Black; 2. Max Bell, LV; 3. John Adley, Black. 7-9: 1. Brian Crane, LV; 2. Matt Vigue, Spruce; 3. Brooks Layman, LV. 10-12: 1. Nathan Papsadora, Black; 2. Nick Woods, Black; 3. Zach Vigue, Spruce. 13-14: 1. Max Couture, Spruce; 2. Brandon Lever, LV; 3. Clark Chamberlain, LV. 15-17: 1. Sam Armstrong; LV; 2. Griffin Couture, LV; 3. Nate Woods, Black. 18-49: 1. Tom Hamilton, LV; 2. David Brochu, LV; 3. Ron Jacques, Spruce. 50+: 1. Mike Rogers, LV; 2. John Lord, LV; 3. Willie Gagnon, Black.

Female: 6-under: 1. Cate Ralph, LV; 2. Natalie Theriault, LV; 3. Sydney Woods, Black. 7-9: 1. Brook Lever, LV; 2. Sydney Petrie, Black; 3. Olivia Grimmer, LV. 10-12: 1. Courtney Carlson, Black; 2. Allarie Lever, LV; 3. Elyse Dinan, LV. 13-14: 1. Shelby Moore, Black; 2. India Bell, LV; 3. Kera Miller, Black. 15-17: 1. Christy Brochu, LV; 2. Brittany Rogers, LV. 18-49: 1. Judy Dinan, LV; 2. Jen Moreau, LV; 3. Karen Becker, LV.

Snowboard: 12-under: 1. Sophie Goulet, LV; 2. Gauge Cleavet, LV; 3. Andrew Calden, Spruce. 13+: 1. Todd Johnson, LV; 2. Tyler Buck, Spruce; 3. Josh Greenleaf, LV.

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