In the past few years, 11 states have legalized the use of marijuana for pain management, including Maine. According to national research on illegal drugs, out of 10 people who are prescribed marijuana, two abuse it. Before more states legalize medical marijuana, they should make sure that extra background checks are made to keep liars and scammers from obtaining it legally. Canadians seem to have made a system that has worked well. Why don’t we ask our northern neighbors for a little advice?

Long-term effects of marijuana abuse are sometimes cancer, lung damage and low-birth-weight babies. I know marijuana is good for pain management, but when it’s abused it can have consequences that are much worse. Eight hundred Canadians have reported that in pill form marijuana can cause epilepsy and seizures. So with the pain killing advantages it can in some cases cause big problems.

If the patient has a history of selling or smoking marijuana, it should not be prescribed. It is very easy to fake an illness to get the drug. That’s why there should be extra precautions made against the misuse of medical marijuana.

Marijuana heals, but it can also kill, so society should keep that in mind when they advocate for medical marijuana use.

Benjamin Bellevue