SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Ernest A. and Edith S. Robichaud and Ernest and Edith Robichaud Trust to Robichaud Enterprises LLC, in Mexico/Rumford.

Ernest A. and Edith S. Robichaud and Ernest and Edith Robichaud Trust to Robichaud Limited LLC, in Mexico/Rumford.

Estate of Annie A. Shorette and Maine State of DHS Office of Elder Services to Cobble View Properties Inc., in Norway.

Jeremy M. Barbagallo and estate of J. Richard Bodge to Stephanie Barbagallo, in Hartford.

Stephanie Barbagallo to Jeremy M. and Stephanie Barbagallo, in Hartford.

Mary Gladys Zine to Robert J. Zine, in Sumner.

Richard E. and Marcia F. Oinonen to Thomas Farrington, in Norway.

Richard L. Terhune to Dennis M. and Roxy A. McLeod, in Albany Township.

Sidney T. and Hilda M. Lewis to Adam J. and Luisa Silva, in Newry.

Benner Properties LLC to Egad Realty Inc., in Paris.

Donna Staples to Joseph Tribes Jr., in Norway.

Linda A. Wilt to William and Charlotte Allen, in Rumford.

DRAW Inc. to Andrea and Lisa S. Parades, in Waterford.

Troy R. Ripple to Robert R. Ripple, in Sumner.

Thane A. Eastman and estate of Irene S. Eastman to Lawrence J. Langelier Sr., in Sumner.

Susan S. and Harold E. Hibbard to Brian P. and Dawn M. and Jason E. and Randi L. Costa, in Upton.

Deborah A. Gajewski to Stephen G. Gajewski, in Oxford.

Keith A. and Penny E. Savage and Franklin Savings Bank to William A. Ullman, in Greenwood.

Arthur Byron Ouellette to O. Laura Mackie, in Mexico.

Robert N. and Beverly C. and Peter R. and Brent D. and Mark H. Child to Robert N. and Beverly C. Child, in Dixfield.

Michael and Mariana Pitu to Thomas J. and Diane E. Laurendeau, in Newry.

Cersosimo Industries Inc. to David L. and Bonnie M. Hartford, in Otisfield.

BBPC LLC to Spurgeon M. Jr. and Paul J. Cox, in Bethel.

Maine Mountain Properties LLC to Eric S. Bell and Gary G. Gardiner, Thomas R. and Karen A. Grimmett and Grimmett Family Trust, Richard H. and Todd Thatcher and Thomas Robert Grimmett and Richard H. Grimmett Trust, Edwin K. III and Sheila M. Harding, Alan J. Monier, Karl and Kymberly Wadensten, Glenn M. and Carol L. Mackno, all in Newry.

Christopher J. and Heather N. Hayward to Eric B. and Helen H. Davis, in Albany Township.

Brenda M. Curtis and Brenda M. Virgin to Brenda M. and Samuel H. Curtis, in Peru.

Franklin Savings Bank and Carl E. and Carl Lejonhud to Franklin Savings Bank, in Dixfield.

Jonathan M. and Jennifer A. and Jennifer L. Preo to Joshua F. Galloway and Jennifer M. Labelle, in Hartford.

Joyce M. Dupuis and Joyce M. Buotte to Richard J. Kent, in Rumford.

Raymond I. Colby to Edgar Scot and R.I. and M.E. Colby, in Rumford.

John C. Somers to Robert L. Dougherty and Carolyn Matott, in Canton.

Audrey Z. Robb to Richard E. Gordet, in Newry.

Robert H. and Erma J. Graham to Timothy Francis and Shelly Ann Downs, in Andover.

Leon R. and Freda Truman to John M. and Shelley G. Griffith, in Norway.

McDevelopment LLC to Richard W. and Lorraine J. Bell, in Bethel.

Frank R. and Maureen B. Ipolito to Savage Land Development LLC, in Greenwood.

Maxwell Farms to International Paper Company, in Dixfield.

Louis F. Cayer to Todd A. Wardwell, in Rumford.

Michael J. Chistner to Michael J. and Rachel J. Chistner, in Sumner.

Richard E. Higgins to William L. and Beverly A. Gallant, in Dixfield.

Michael and Mariana Pitu to Thomas J. and Diane E. Laurendeau, in Newry.

Melina M. Webber and Fannie E. Polvinen to Jeffrey A. Webber and Fannie E. Polvinen, in Paris.

Randall S. and Richard Jeselskis to Amanda R. McCollor, in Buckfield.

Nancy E. Hatch and Nancy E. Girardin and Robert W. Hatch to Marc D. Sr. and Bonnie L. Pepin, in Buckfield.

Jeanna and Jeanna B. Packard and Jeanna B. Bean to Patrick and Pamela Veilleux, in Oxford.

Eva A. Herrick to Gerald W. and Jacqueline C. Barlow, in Oxford.

Corrine W. Abbott and Corinne W. Davis and estate of Duane W. Abbott to Clifton A. and Kathleen A. Jackson, in West Paris.

Maine Mountain Properties LLC to John C. Sibley, in Newry.

Riverbend Associates Inc. to Patricia M. and Paul F. Cardarople and Patricia M. Cardarople Living Trust, in Bethel.

Laurie Jean Banks and Kevin J. Reader to Marilyn L. G. and Thomas W. Gates, in Newry.

Riverbend Associates Inc. to R and D Ski Golf and Fish LLC, in Bethel.

Virginia M. and David M. Bishop to Robin A. Prentice and Paul Fallon, in Bethel.

Richard C. Nicol to Mark D. Mixer, in Oxford.

Ronald D. Fitts to Keith Corson, in Paris.

Lloyd L. Poland to Natasha Hodson, in Albany Township.

Lloyd L. Poland to Land Design LLC, in Albany Township.

John and Eva Coolidge to Rebekah Howe and Jason Coolidge, in Bethel.

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