To the Oxford Hills and surrounding communities:

The family of Sgt. Corey A. Dan appreciate your compassion and concerns. We know you share our grief and we understand your anger over the Topeka, Kansas, group that plans to picket Corey’s funeral.

We would like you to know that these people and their hate cannot hurt us. We are united in our love for Corey and nothing can tarnish that. And we would like to request that you do not make any efforts to deal with this despicable group on our behalf. State and local law enforcement and veterans’ groups will be in place to shield us and the community from their display of hate.

The best way to deal with such a thing is to ignore it, and we ask that you do just that. There are far better ways to help this family through the grieving process and to honor Corey. Making contributions to the Sgt. Corey Dan Scholarship Fund, which will help young people to achieve Corey’s dream in law enforcement, is one way.

Showing banners and posters throughout the community thanking Corey for serving his country is another.

But to acknowledge the evil of this group in any way will not serve Corey’s memory at all.

Your support, condolences, prayers and pride in our young hero are the best tributes of all.

A sincere thank you,

The family of Sgt. Corey A. Dan

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