LEWISTON -Jordan Keller (7) is the Cinderella team in the B-1 Division of the Multi-Purpose Center Coed Volleyball League. Keller won 3 matches Wednesday night to claim the playoff championship.

Keller first eliminated Carquest (1), 21-11, 20-22, 21-18. Needing 2 victories over South of the Border (3) in the finals, Keller did just that, 17-21, 21-18, 21-14 in the first match, and 21-14, 21-12 in the deciding match.

Lewiston Men’s League

LEWISTON – Captain Ron’s has captured the regular season championship in the Lewiston Rec Men’s Volleyball League. Playoffs begin next week.

Standings follow, with fourth place decided by a coin toss:

Capt. Ron’s 46 17

CWT Builders 44 19

Downeast Pension Services 36 27

Tattonka 34 29

Misfits 34 29

Strout CPA 34 29

RMN Consulting 18 45

DLH Services 4 59

Playoffs begin Tuesday, April 4, as follows: 7:40 p.m., (3) Downeast vs (6) Strout; (2) CWT Builders vs (7) RMN Consulting; 8:40, (4) Tattonka vs (5) Misfits; (1) Captain Ron’s vs (8) DLH Services. Four more matches are slated for April 5. Championship round is set for April 12.

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