I am writing about an issue that’s extremely important to the people of Maine and the nation. This issue is being overlooked by the media.

I recently attended a rally in Portland, and although newspaper and television stations of that area were invited, they chose not to cover the story. Not only did both of Maine’s senators support refunding for cancer research, they also stated they would encourage fellow members of the U.S. Senate and Congress to do the same.

It is hard to believe that the media could not find time to mention our story. It impacts the lives of nearly 25,000 Maine cancer survivors and their families. Did the stories the media chose to cover that day have such an impact? I don’t think so.

The federal budget proposes more than a $40 million cut to cancer research, prevention and detection programs. That cut comes at a time when the American Cancer Society has seen the rate of new cancers decline. The cancer death rate is also declining.

Too many lives are at stake to cut the budget. It’s appalling to think the federal budget allows $16.8 billion to fund space research while cutting needed health programs here on Earth.

We are fortunate to have elected officials who stand behind us on these issues. Our senators and congressmen must vote against the budget proposal and restore funds for cancer research.

If people keep this issue a priority, it will not slip by unnoticed.

Diane Mitchell, Rumford