I read the letter from Phillip Webber Sr. printed March 21 and the editorial that appeared March 24 with great interest.

The editorial was unfair in grouping teachers outside Auburn together with the Auburn teachers’ benefits and pay. That’s not equal. Every district negotiates its contracts differently. I certainly don’t enjoy the same benefits and earnings that teachers in Auburn do.

The statement that we teachers should understand the frustrations and anger of taxpayers is a slap in our face. When did I stop paying the same percentage of property taxes as everyone else in my community? Of course we understand their frustration, we’re part of them.

The actions of one person should not be used as a measuring stick for the whole profession.

I once shared Webber’s anger toward teachers. I expounded similar feelings every chance I got. Then I decided to join their ranks and, at the age of 40, I went back to school and earned a master’s in education, then got a teaching job. What I learned is that it’s easy to criticize when one doesn’t know what he or she is talking about.

Every day I am a teacher, family social worker, parent, babysitter, adviser and computer technician. That’s about five more jobs than Webber’s teacher had.

And lest I forget, after 11 years, my income this year is $300 more than was the median income for men in Sabattus in the year 2000.

Bill Giasson, Lewiston