Facts and details: Literal Meaning

Who did Juno come looking for?

What did she command Echo to do?

Who did Echo fall in love with?

Who was Narcissus in love with?

Who is the goddess of revenge?

What’s going on? Reading comprehension

Why did Echo talk so much?

Why did Juno take a path where she knew that Echo would see her?

Why did people dislike Narcissus?

How did Nemesis give them a fitting revenge?

In your own words…

Sometimes, it is said that Echo was punished for talking too much. But Juno was punishing her for a different reason. What was it? Imagine that you are Echo and write a letter to Juno that you will get her to change her mind and make your punishment less harsh.

Newspaper activity

Echo says only what she has heard others say. Narcissus doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Take an issued discussed on today’s editorial page and write two imaginary letters to the editor: One by Echo and another by Narcissus. Are these letters helpful?

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