What are you doing from 7:35 a.m. to 7:55 a.m.? Maybe you are sleeping or just arriving at work.

For Auburn Middle School students, it is a time to be in advocacy. Advocacy is when half of a homeroom goes to a different teacher until it is time to go to a class.

My advocacy teacher is Mrs. Ronda LeCompte. She is the Family and Consumer Science teacher along with Mrs. Beth Scherpf. During advocacy, you do activities, talk, sew or anything your advocacy teacher, and the advocacy, wants to do.

Advocacy is a time to unwind before heading off into another (non)stressful day. It is fun, and an easy way to make new friends. It also gives you an opportunity to learn information about people you don’t know. It gives you a chance to be yourself and have fun at the same time, which can be hard at times for everyone!