After just competing in the One-Act festivals with considerable success at the beginning of this month, the next performance for ELHS drama is the annual “straight show” called Snow Angel. Along with the children’s play, the straight show is directed by students. Tim Cullen and Rachelle Tupper have been working for the past couple months with the Snow Angel cast.

So, what is this show about? Some may find it hilarious, others may find it quite odd – it’s a completely different play. A young girl named Frida Jensen, played by Genevieve Hering (a junior), who isn’t well liked by her classmates, finds herself creating the unpredictable, very spacey character named Eva, performed by Moriah Churchill (junior.) Eva is found making snow angels during a Deerpoint snow day. But is she really Frida’s creation of a character??? Frida’s classmates say they saw her too, but Eva’s personality is never the same for each person.

The show has characters and “cliques” you could find in high school. Some roles include Jill, played by senior Mary Martin, who is one of the nicer voices of reason. Jill finds herself liking and being liked by the shy, sweet boy Benny who has allergies, played by Markus Schlotterbeck (senior.) There are also the popular kids: Tina Louise who just got her license and is a bit ditzy (played by junior Megan Deveau), Dan, played by Alicia Matthews, is the dim-witted popular guy and Clifford, the friend of Dan, is clearly just his own person (played by senior, Tom Kester). Of course, a show about high school craziness isn’t the same without the nerds: Ethel, who is hyperactive and talks rather fast (played by Lindsey Le..wait that’s me…) who is friends with Vincent (freshman Carolyne Deblois) and his chameleon Jorge, and Arlo. Then there is the juvenile delinquent Crank, played by senior Chris Keene. Doofus is the class clown and is played by Ian Mulligan, a freshman. Helen Spitzer, played by junior Kalie Harris, has a glass eye, and doesn’t really belong to a group, like the twins, Betty and Fran (played by Britney Mitchell and Kim Tremblay). Then finally, there is Gus, who doesn’t fit at all, and is played by junior Kevin Koski.

The presentation of Snow Angel is on April 7 and 8 at 5:45 p.m. at the Community Little Theatre stage in Auburn. Tickets are sold at the door for $5.