Some people like myself believe that gay marriages should be allowed in the state of Maine. Other people don’t think gay people should be able to get married and have a family. I think the Gay Rights Law should pass in the state of Maine. Gay Rights is when gays get to live with who they want and have a family. In Maine it’s illegal for gays to get married. I think they should have the right to get married.

One reason is that it’s none of our concern because it’s their life. Gays are the same, only gays like the same sex. Gays are just people who love one another, but just the same gender. Homosexuals have houses and jobs just as we do. If gays wanted to be married, then I say go ahead and do it! Homosexuals have lives just like us.

Gays obviously want to be married if they are in love. Sometimes gays don’t feel they should marry because of what other citizens might say or do. The feelings gays have are for the same gender. I find nothing wrong with this. Everyone should decide who they would like to have a relationship with.

People who are gay just do what they want. Gays will have reasons why they are doing this. Even if they are gay, sometimes they want to be similar to us by dating the same gender. Gays are dating the same sex because it’s who they are and what gays want.

Discrimination: This is a big issue with gays. Gays love to hang out with each other and enjoy spending time together. Gays care for one another just like we care about people.

Of course they have been doing this for a while but they really might not like it. Homosexuals might not always like what their actions are. It’s just the way they were born. Personality is a big part of it, because if it wasn’t, then they wouldn’t be who they are now. Now I’m not saying they love being gay because that was how gays were either brought up or they just feel right with the opposite sex. But some of them do. It’s nature so what ever happens, happens. Another part is that they are in love.

Other people think gays shouldn’t be married and have rights. Citizens think it’s mostly wrong for them to get married because their behavior isn’t a good example for children around them. Some people think it’s unusual and gross for the same gender to get married. Wrong again because they are the same as we are. Not everyone has the same thoughts, but in our government everyone is equal, so why can’t homosexuals be?

Some believe gay people should have to like the opposite gender because it seems right. Gays can’t help what they do. They are just like that. It really shouldn’t be our problem.

Some people are intimidated by gay couples. Some religions feel that the behavior of homosexuals is wrong. I believe gay people should be able to adopt children.

I do believe that the Gay Right Law in Maine should go through. It gives gays the chance to be with who they want and to enjoy life. Why? To me the law should pass so gay marriages can happen. If the law passed, then everyone would be equal and free. Not just straight couples, but gays could be equal too, so homosexuals can live their lives as we do. Thank you for the time you have taken to read why I think the Gay Rights Law should pass.

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