The girls’ junior high team at St. Joseph’s School had an awesome year. With one game left of the season before tournaments, the girls had a perfect record of winning each of the 12 games that they had played. The only game that they had left to play was their biggest game of the season against Monmouth. The girls were very nervous because they knew that the Monmouth girls were one of the best teams in the league every season.

The girls went into the game strong and they did their best. St. Joseph’s only lost by four points, with a score of 14-10. They were completely devastated. They had worked so hard to get the record that they had. They had lost the championship game. Even though a lot of the girls were crying or extremely upset, they left the gym with their heads held high because they knew they had done their best.

The next day at school, as people entered the cafeteria, they were all amazed at the present that the girls received for an awesome season. It was a big basketball that said “Nice job, St. Joseph’s girls’ basketball team,” and beautiful flowers were with the basketball. The gift also came with a nice card telling the girls that they had had a great season, and that the fans were proud of us. There was no name on the card, which kept everyone guessing. The next day, the girls found out that one of the parents on the girls’ team had sent it in. The gift brightened up the girls’ spirits and made them smile. This is what they needed to make them feel good about the loss, because some of the girls still felt a little upset.