It is unbelievable that basketball has come to an end. There will be no more traveling to games and watching all the exciting action this year. Our team, the Monmouth A-girls team, ended our season on a good note.

From the start of the season, some of us were not in shape and did not have that many skills. With the loss of several players last year and only five players back, we knew we had to step it up a notch. Daily practices and great coaching by Larry Baker, as well as Craig Chick, helped Monmouth become a strong and competitive team.

Our regular season went undefeated with a record of 12 wins and 0 losses. Our only losses came from games outside of our league, losing twice to Jay. These games were played in the beginning of our season and at the end. When we first played them, our offense turned the ball over several times and could not get a break, point wise. Our defense was not in the game, and we lost 23-35. The second game we played, we had turned it up a notch. We had great ball handling skills, making great passes and making the shots count. Both offensive and defensive skills had improved greatly over the season, but we ended up losing the game in overtime 26-28. That was a tough loss, but in the end we were proud that we played a well-balanced game.

Overall, we worked together as a team and it showed in our skills and confidence within ourselves.

The girls of the Monmouth Middle School would like to thank their coaches, Mr. Baker and Mr. Chick, for their time and effort to help the girls become what they are today. Also, a big thank-you to our manager, Lindsay Smith, for being able to keep everything in line for the coaches and players.

And on a personal note from the writer, I want to thank the eighth graders for two great seasons that I had with them, being undefeated. Thanks for working with me, and in giving me the knowledge and confidence to become a better player. Good luck in high school, we all will miss you.

The eighth grade players are: Sarah Albert, Maija Robbins, Suzi Chick, Courtney McFarren, Erika Ducharme, Surojini Braithwaite and Cassandra Hartford.

Seventh graders are: Kelsie Hilton, Kristi Hilton and Taylor Scott. The sixth graders are: Kristine Kahl, Molly Menice and Emily Benoit.

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