WEST PARIS – The West Paris Library children’s and young adult area have carpeting, purchased by the Friends of the Library. The group also donated a rug for the downstairs reference area.

A mobile of mostly natural wonders, shells, birds and a bat, fills a casement window in the children’s area. Nicole Massat, a junior at Telstar Regional High School, helped the librarian create the mobile during the time she spent job shadowing.

Another addition to the young adult area is a bookshelf for the oversized nonfiction books.

It was designed, built and donated by Karen Moberg. She and her children, Dan and Kristy, help at the library.

New books for the younger readers include “Katje the Windmill Cat” by Gretchen Woelele, “The Very Funny Happy Birthday Goodnight” by Shelley Moore Thomas, “Show Way about the Underground Railroad” by Jacqueline Woodson, “Cave Sleuths” by Laurie Lindlop, “A Friend Called Anne” by a friend of Anne Frank and “My Story” by Rosa Parks.

For children in the upper grades, “Skybreaker” by Kenneth Opel is an adventure book. “Lady and the Tramp” has been added to the DVD collection.

When the library trustees met on March 28 they welcomed Sandra Roberge to the board.

She will be taking Barbara Edmund’s place as a trustee.

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