Dear Sun Spots: We are looking for representatives from local businesses, as well as family members, to participate in the planning and managing of the annual Alzheimer’s Memory Walk. The walk will take place Oct. 7. The first meeting will be held in April to plan for the annual golf tournament which will take place at Martindale Golf Course on Monday, Aug. 7. Those attending this meeting will also start planning for the memory walk.

Marshwood Center for HealthCare and Rehabilitation, as well as other nursing facilities and a small group of community members, have managed the annual memory walk for the past 10 years. We are ready to begin planning for this year’s walk but after a decade, many of us volunteers have grown tired. We need some new blood and energy. Without your assistance, we’re afraid we’ll have to give up this important walk, which is why we are calling on the generousity of Sun Spots’ readers. Won’t you please help us keep this worthy cause going?

Alzheimer’s Disease is not just a disease of the elderly. More and more people are being diagnosed in their 50s. It affects businesses and production when family members have to be out of work to help care for those with the disease.

Those interested in participating can please contact Virginia Starbird at Marshwood at 784-0108, ext: 247. Many thanks to Sun Spots and column readers! We look forward to hearing from you. – Virginia Starbird, Lewiston.

Dear Sun Spots: Love those Sun Spots! You have always come through for us. We are looking for several items such as good used paperback books (westerns and romance) for a book sale, smaller flower vases and baskets. These items will be used for our Oxford County Sheriff’s Office TRIAD Senior Appreciation Day Picnic for Oxford County seniors that will take place from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Friday, June 30, at the Fryeburg Fair Grounds. There is no cost.

If anyone has any of these items and would like to donate them, please contact Linda Hooker at the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office at 743-9554 ext 3. – Linda Hooker, Paris.

Dear Sun Spots: A while ago, you published some information regarding a dental school in Portland (at least I think it was in Portland) where you could get dental services at a greatly reduced rate. I cut the information out, but have misplaced it. Would you please republish the information? Thanks very much. I read the Sun Journal and Sun Spots every day. You all are a great help! – Mrs. A., East Wilton.

Answer: Mrs. A., you had the correct location. For low-cost dental care, contact the Dental Hygiene Clinic at the University of New England’s Westbrook College Campus, 716 Stevens Ave., Portland. It offers dental hygiene services at low fees.

Appointments may require more time since this is a not-for-profit teaching clinic. Services are available to the general public, and there are no income restrictions.

Services include oral inspections, nutritional counseling, scaling and plaque removal, personalized oral hygiene instruction, blood pressure screening, radiographic surveys (X-rays), fluoride treatments, sealants, athletic mouthguard fabrication. Contact the clinic at (207) 221-4900, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday for an appointment. The clinic only operates during the academic year (September through April, and is closed May to August).

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