FARMINGTON – A convicted sex offender pleaded guilty Friday to sexual abuse of a 14-year-old girl and furnishing liquor to a minor in Franklin County Superior Court.

The plea agreement between state prosecutors and Christopher Walker, 27, of Jay calls for a 30-month sentence to the Department of Corrections, but the judge wants more information on his previous sexual abuse of a minor conviction before he agrees to it.

Walker was accused of sexually abusing the teenager on Jan. 15 at his apartment at 58 Main St.

Assistant District Attorney Andrew Robinson said Friday that if the case had gone to trial, witnesses would testify that the girl had gone to Walker’s apartment and while there she informed him and others that she was 14 and was furnished alcohol.

Testimony would also show that Walker had sexual relations with her, Robinson said.

The prosecutor also said Walker admitted to police that he had sex with the girl but thought she was older.

The victim went to the school nurse the morning after the incident worried that she was pregnant and then went to her father, Robinson said.

Walker’s attorney Woody Hanstein asked the court Friday to continue sentencing until June 9.

Robinson also said that Walker was on probation for a previous conviction of domestic assault and sexual abuse of a minor.

Hanstein said part of the agreement besides the 30-month sentence on Friday’s charges is Walker admitting to violating probation and getting a 9-month concurrent sentence.