EUSTIS – A 1.7-mile section of Route 27 will remain unposted and open to heavy truck traffic, but the state has agreed to consider selectmen’s concerns about the road.

Selectmen John Caldwell and Chairman Jay Wyman met Tuesday afternoon with Dave Bernhardt, MDOT director of operations and maintenance, to discuss a stretch of road that begins where routes 27 and 16 intersect.

Several large pot holes formed causing noise from truck traffic for neighbors and a mess on the road, he said. The pavement on the road is somewhat wavy for about 800 feet.

Wyman maintained the troublesome area, about seven-tenths of the 1.7-mile section, should be posted until it’s brought up to standards. He pointed out that the segment was posted last year.

DOT representative Bob Spencer said last week that the section in question has been upgraded and was previously overlaid and is ready for heavy traffic.

After inspecting it Tuesday, Bernahardt said he wouldn’t post the section of road. The road is not in bad shape, he said. He acknowledged that it did have two frost heaves, but added they were getting better.

Following the unposted 1.7 miles, the highway is posted for 17 miles prohibiting heavy traffic to Ledge Hill, then unposted to allow heavy trucks again.

That 17-mile section will be upgraded beginning this spring so that it, too, will remain open, Bernhardt said Tuesday.

The state’s plan is to eventually open Route 27 to the Canadian border for heavy truck traffic year-round.

Bernhardt said he will work with regional transportation representatives on the issues raised by Wyman to look at options to see if there is a way to remedy the situation so it is not repeated next season.