BUCKFIELD – Selectmen Tuesday night, approved adding an article to the Town Meeting warrant that would change the 600-foot forest management district along South Pond to a limited residential zone. The request to include the article on the warrant was made by the Planning Board.

The zoning change would allow construction of seasonal dwellings on the shore of the pond.

Three Planning Board members voted to support the article, one abstained and one voted no. Emory (Wes) Ackley from the Planning Board was present to present his case against the article.

Ackley said allowing one person to put a building inside the shoreland zone would set a precedent that would allow anyone to put buildings inside the zone. The proposed building would be 50 feet inside the Shoreland Zone, though the builder promised to move the septic outside the zone.

Ackley also said no one has ever lived this close to South Pond and if allowed, the town could have people building closer to the river. He said South Pond has a very small watershed and such things as fertilizer on a lawn could filter into the pond.

Planning Board Chairman Dick Piper said the Department of Environmental Protection will allow limited development within the Shoreland Zone with certain criteria.

Ackley also reported that he had spoken with John Maloney and the Comprehensive Plan should be ready to be approved by Town Meeting on June 21. Hearings are scheduled for June 3 and 7.

The board accepted with regret the resignation of Mike St. Hilaire from the Planning Board and appointed David Savage.

Town Manager Glen Holmes reminded the board of the upcoming regionalization meeting on April 19.