LIVERMORE – A special town meeting will be held April 20 at the Brettuns Community Building to vote on buying a new plow/dump truck.

“To save $8,000 we need to act now,” Administrative Assistant Kurt Schaub said.

“New federal emissions standards for diesel engines will be going into effect on Jan. 1, 2007, which will raise the price of the truck,” Selectman Tom Berry said.

A preliminary meeting with the dealers has been scheduled for Thursday, with a final meeting early next week.

“We should have all the necessary numbers ready for the town meeting,” Berry said.

Townspeople will be asked to appropriate $105,000 for the truck, with the treasurer and chairman of the Board of Selectpersons having “authority to issue general obligations securities of the town of Livermore in an amount not to exceed $105,000,” as noted in Article 2 of the warrant.

Resident Rene Labbe asking the board to put an easement for Gallant Road on the warrant for the regular town meeting. The easement would enable the town to plow the road in the winter.

“You know, don’t you, that once an easement is granted, the road will be open to the public,” Selectperson Brenda Merrill said. “It will cease to be a private road.” she said.

To be in compliance for an easement, the road must have a 60-foot right of way, and a 20- foot travel surface, and it’s up to the property owners to bring the road up to code.

Highway Foreman Moe Laverdiere would have to inspect the road to see if it is suitable for an easement.

“I can tell you right now that it’s no where near ideal,” Laverdiere said.

Labbe said he didn’t think the landowners would be agreeable to widening the road and creating a turnaround, which is what Laverdiere said was needed.

Schaub proposed an alternative: a road association.

“These associations have the authority to put liens on property if the owners fail to pay for road maintenance,” he said. “It would still be a private road, but the landowners would be responsible for its cost.”

Labbe decided to table it. “Let the younger generation take care of it. I just thought I would do something for the community and get this passed, you know, for the future.”

This is the last full week before property taxes are due.

“The cutoff day is Tuesday, April 18, and no interest will be charged until after that date,” Schaub advised.