The following divorces were granted recently in South Paris District Court:

Patricia Plummer, South Paris, and Alfred Plummer, New Sharon. They were married Aug. 18, 1990, in Norway; divorced Feb. 24. Shared custody of four children.

Sheila Preo, Norway, and Robert A. Preo, Norway. They were married June 1, 1997, in Norway; divorced Feb. 22.

Eslyn T. Gonzalez, Oxford, and Miguel A. Gonzalez, Oxford. They were married June 28, 1975, in Locke Mills; divorced Feb. 22.

Crystal Coffin, Oxford, and Shaun Coffin, Woodstock. They were married Feb. 7, 2004, in Watertown, N.Y.; divorced Feb. 15. Shared custody of one child.

Edward A. Millett, Stoneham, and Delilah C. Millett, Bridgton. They were married Feb. 2, 1975, in Wateford; divorced Feb. 15. Shared custody of one child.

Shellie Marin, West Paris, and Alfred Marin, West Paris. They were married July 5, 2002, in West Paris; divorced Feb. 15. Shared custody of two children.

Dustin A. Howe, Greenwood, and Nell E. Howe, Bryant Pond. They were married Oct. 22, 1999, in West Paris; divorced Feb. 13.

Karen Tibbetts, Oxford, and Gary Tibbetts, Oxford. They were married Oct. 9, 1982, in Oxford; divorced Feb. 7. Custody of two children awarded to the mother.