SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Douglas J. Kilgore and Northeast Bank and Northeast Bank FSB to Douglas J. and Wanda Kilgore, in Norway.

T. Benjamin Kellogg to Peter A. and Becky M. Robichaud, in Bethel.

Patrick and Sharon Terry and Sharon H. Fontaine to Christopher J. and Patricia Kellner, in Albany Township.

Robert P. Barlow to Robert P. Barlow and Jennifer L. Robbins, in Hanover.

Melvin Parris to G and G Builders LLC, in Bethel.

Velma T. Small Flanigan (heir) and Estate of Raymond A. Small Jr. and Velma T. Small (heir) and Samuel Small and Sherman Small (both heirs) to Richard C. Summermatter, in Paris.

Kenneth E. and Joyce Randolph to Scott and Jennifer Randolf, in Hartford.

Edwin G. and Nancy A. Michaud to Luc and Megan Roy, in Norway.

Robert H. and Erma J. Graham to Robert H. and Erma J. Graham, in Andover.

Charles A. and Judith and Elizabeth C. and Anne T. Berg to Corey L. and Beth L. Garza, in Buckfield.

Earl G. Jr. and Kathleen A. Morrill to Earl G. Jr. and Kathleen A. Morrill and Morrill Newry Realty Trust, in Newry.

Norma J. Rowe to Herbert and Carol Upton, in Otisfield.

W R Demille Contracting Inc. to Robert W. and Patrice Blake, in Otisfield.

Michael S. and Michael S. Clark Pelletier and Amos A. Kimball to Michael S. Clark Pelletier, in Greenwood.

Robin R. and Gregory S. Mills to Dana D. and Darlene D. Morse, in Albany Township.

Olav L. and Sharon E. Boe to Olav L. and Sharon E. and Audra A. Anderson and David L. and Mandy M. Boe and Audra A. Anderson, in Waterford.

Robert L. Damm to Shirley S. Damm, in West Paris.

Royal River Development Company/Corporation to Custom Built Homes of Maine Inc., in Newry.

Custom Built Homes of Maine Inc. to Rolf and Sharan Froehling, in Newry.

Ronald W. Savage to Robin R. Mills, in Bethel.

Riverbend Associates Inc. to Bryan S. and Dawn L. Diroma, in Bethel.

Rebecca Gould and Gould marketing and PR to Rebecca Gould and Rebecca Gould 1996 Revocable Trust, in Bethel.

Harold G. Savage to Debra J. Pomerleau, in Buckfield.

Robert L. and Shirley S. Damm to Joshua and Kristy Basso, in West Paris.

Robert J. and Audrey L. Gingras to Just Right Homes Inc., in Otisfield.

Community Concepts Inc. to Noel E. and Jennifer L. Wilson, in Hebron.

Carolyn S. and John C. Dunn to Stephen and Carin Gosselin, in Newry.

John W. Phillips Jr. to Richard R. Cook and Carrie L. Andrews, in Norway.

John J. Zeludancz to Christy Hafford, in Bethel.

Rena M. Castonguay and Rena M. Jutras to Rena M. and Marc R. Castonguay, in Hebron.

Robert J. and Brenda T. Piampiano to Brenda T. Piampiano, in Township.

Cheryl P. Corneliusen to Laurie Ellis, in Otisfield.

Homecomings Financial Network Inc. and Jay Foster to Homecoming Financial Network Inc., in Peru.

James G. III and Cheryl Gammon to Jana L. Beardsley, in Buckfield.

Albert G. Sutton to Richard Jr. and Renea S. Perreira, in Paris.

Custom Built Homes of Maine Inc. to Janet W. Smith, in Newry.

Community Concepts Inc. to Debbie L. Mathon, in Paris.

Mary Elizabeth and Mary E. Richards to Randall D. Richards, in West Paris.

Fred D. and Margery S. Blonder to William J. and Robin E. Sampson, in Dixfield.

David B. Bragg to David F. and Vicki L. Dean, in Sumner.

Jennifer A. Loomis to Matthew B. Loomis, in Greenwood.

Brenda L. Budrock and Estate of Taisto R. Raasumaa to Ronald L. and Janice M. Stevens, in Paris.

Henry J. and Andrea H. Burns to Scott T. and Kelly A. Wels, in Waterford.

Michel Pelletier to Eric M. Pearce and Patrick Orlando Jr., in Greenwood.

Vivian R. Hoy to Leonard J. and Cathy A. Hoy, in Greenwood.

David S. and Dianne E. Mongeau to John J. and Cynthia L. Paliotta, in Newry.

Chapman and Wheeler Inc. to David S. and Lisa A. Ryan, in Greenwood.

Richard E. and Regina A. Thek to Stephen and Alyssa Schechter, in Bethel.

Carol S. Welsh and Carol S. Welsh Living Trust and Carol S. Welsh Trust and Stephen and Alyssa Schechter, in Bethel.

Keith A. and Kathleen M. Bedell to Danielle Smith and Timothy D. Bruce, in Hanover.

Lloyd L. Poland to Kenneth E. Poland and David H. Libby Jr., in Rumford.

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