Bread Griddle Cakes – One and one-half cups fine stale bread crumbs, one and one-half cups scalded milk, two tablespoons butter, two eggs, one-half cup flour, one-half teaspoon salt, three and one-half teaspoons baking powder. Add milk and butter to crumbs and soak until crumbs are soft; add eggs well beaten, then flour, salt and baking powder mixed and sifted.

Indian Pudding – Miss Rose Nealey. One quart skim milk. Save out one cup and scald the rest. Scald with it three tablespoons bolted meal. Add one teaspoon salt, cinnamon, three tablespoons tapioca, one scant cup molasses, and one egg. The last thing before putting into the oven, stir in one cup cold milk and one cup cold water. Bake three hours. Sweet apples or raisins may be added.

50 Years Ago, 1956

• Pope Pius XII has urged automobile drivers to sacrifice impatience in favor of courtesy that is “a true sign of charity.” He also urged drivers not to forget the rights of pedestrians. He spoke yesterday to members of the Rome Automobile Club in special audience. The Pope’s speech was released today.

• It looks like the traditional “April Showers” have arrived in the Lewiston-Auburn area. Saturday was sunny most of the day, but ended with rain. The temperature was on the comfortable side with an overnight low of 32 degrees at midnight and a high of 48 degrees at 3 p.m.

25 Years Ago, 1981

Hundreds of New England lakes will be unable to support fish by 1991 if something isn’t done to reduce the acid rain in the region, a University of Maine researcher told a U.S. Senate committee Tuesday.

“We now have a few dozen lakes that can’t support reproducing fish.” Stephen Norton told a hearing at the Augusta Civic Center.

“That doesn’t address the thousands of small streams that can no longer support brook trout,” said Norton, who heads the Geological Sciences Department at the Orono campus.