I take issue with Jim Walker’s statement, “Liberals living in fantasy world,” (April 9). He states: “I don’t believe for a minute that Democrats put people first.”

The values of Maine Democrats was stated very clearly on April 9 by Ben Dudley, newly elected chairman of the party. “We Democrats are united by ideas that seek to directly improve the lives of working people and the vulnerable by sustaining a diverse and growing economy, protecting a clean and healthy environment, expanding access to quality education and health care, and making sure America is safe. These values of responsibility, compassion and fairness are not just Democratic values, they are American values.”

According to the 2000 census, states with the highest local property taxes per capita per year are New Jersey, Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island. Perhaps that is why so many residents there are buying homes and property in Maine.

Nobody likes taxes.

I sincerely believe that Gov. Baldacci and the state Legislature have done a much better job of working together to run the state government and balance a budget than those who have been in charge of the federal government.

Nancy Willard, Woodstock