bronze, ambrosia, render

Facts and details: Literal Meaning

How many sisters are in the family that Ceres met?

What job did they offer Ceres?

What did the youngest sister do to make Ceres laugh?

What did Ceres want to have built in the village?

Why did Jupiter want Ceres to come back to Olympus?

What’s going on? Reading comprehension

Why did Ceres start crying when she saw the baby?

What made her mood change? Why?

Why did Ceres put the baby in the fireplace?

Why does Jupiter wish to make peace with Ceres?

Multidisciplinary connections

Imagine that you are babysitting in ancient Greece. There is no TV or other electronics. Find people in your family or your community who grew up before the days of electronics and ask them how they would amuse a small child back then. Write a report on games that very small kids played before there was TV.

In your own words…

The four sisters feel pity for the lonely old woman at the well and offer her a job and a place to live. Pretend you are one of the sisters and write a letter to friend telling about the woman. Explain why you chose to help her and how you explained it to your parents. What was it that made your family feel that you could trust this stranger to take care of the baby?

Newspaper activity

When Ceres arrived in the village, she was depressed, but after the family made her welcome, she stopped being so sad. Find someone in the paper whose bad mood has changed for the better. What was it that cheered them up? Was it something someone did for them, something they did for themselves or something that just happened? Go around the room and see what examples others chose. What is the most frequent answer to the question?

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