SAN FRANCISCO – The problem tonight confronting the city government and federal authorities is how to feed the multitude of destitute. Supplies are coming in by the trainload but as yet the system of distribution is not in complete working order.

At the Presido military reservation, where probably 50,000 persons are camped, affairs are conducted with military precision. The refugees stand patiently in line and there is not a murmur. The people are brave and patient and the wonderful order preserved by them has been of great assistance.

50 Years Ago, 1956

MOSCOW – A new volume of the Soviet Encyclopedia came out today with a 97-page article on the United States.

It seemed clear the Soviets have not decided yet how to view America.

There were flattering photographs of Miami, Chicago, and other cities. Then the article reached back for shots of a 1930 hunger march and for sketches of the underground railway which aided runaway slaves.

There were Communist cliches about bourgeoise republic, strikes, racial prejudice, and capitalists bloated with war profits.

These were balanced with tribute to the advanced techniques of American industry and agriculture. There were warm statements about the American people.

25 Years ago, 1981

On the wall of Roland Belanger’s office along with five or six photographs of various high school athletic teams, is a photograph, at least 10 years old, of a fleet of shiny red taxi cabs.

When Belanger took over 2 in 1 Cab Co. in 1969, there were 11 of those shiny red cabs and then, as now, they were all clean and well maintained. Business was good and provided Belanger with a good living.

He now has seven cabs on the road – all full-sized and expensive to fill with gas and to maintain. But the larger cars are a must, he said, since small cars can’t carry enough passengers and just can’t stand up to the wear of taxi driving. In the past 12 years, the price of gas and replacement parts has more than doubled.