This letter is in response to “How Are the Kids Doing,” by Jim Carignan in the Sun Journal on April 9.

The second point in his column concerns taxes, especially TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights). He claims that this will tie the hands of public officials.

Maine, as we know, has among the highest taxes in the nation. TABOR in Colorado returned to the taxpayers any surplus funds. The citizens voted to suspend the surplus funds for a period due to extraordinary expenses. The citizens did not repeal TABOR.

Since TABOR was introduced in Colorado, the state gained more new citizens than the entire population of Maine and it has a much better economy than Maine.

Maine owes long overdue millions to Maine hospitals, the state has a failing health care scheme and has to borrow heavily to keep the lights on.

The present Maine government has been in power for more than 30 years and is unable to cut spending. We need TABOR and the spending discipline will follow.

Peter Clifford, Lewiston