Brownback visit

MANCHESTER, N.H.(AP) – Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback will be in town Monday to talk about alternative energy.

Brownback, a potential Republican presidential contender in 2008, is appearing at Southern New Hampshire University. He’ll be participating in a forum on energy policy. Brownback is a co-sponsor of legislation to encourage the use of alternative fuels.

The public will be invited to ask questions after the presentation. The forum starts at 6 p.m. in Robert Frost Hall.

John Stark Day to be celebrated

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) – It is John Stark Day on Monday.

The day honors the Revolutionary War general whose words are immortalized in the state’s motto “Live Free or Die.”

He reportedly spoke those words at an anniversary honoring troops from the Battle of Bennington.

Two events will pay tribute to the man. The New Hampshire Society of the Sons of the American Revolution holds a ceremony in Manchester at Stark’s gravesite at 10 a.m.

In Concord, a special flag will be raised next to the statue of the general in front of the Statehouse.

Police looking for dogs who attacked woman, killing her pet

LACONIA, N.H.(AP) – Police are searching for the owner of two dogs who attacked a local woman and killed her pet on Saturday.

Police say the 45-year-old woman was walking her small dog on Davidson Drive in South Down Shores around 4 p.m. when the two dogs attacked. The two larger dogs bit her dog’s head and stomach. The little dog later died of its injuries. Police said the woman also was bitten and required stitches to her hand.

The two dogs are described as about 60 pounds each, dark colored with medium length hair. Police are looking for help from the public in identifying the owner.

N.H. cops break up underage party

LACONIA, N.H. (AP) – Police broke up an underage drinking party Saturday night but had to break through the door to make the arrests.

Police said they received a report of underage drinking and found a 16-year-old on the porch who’d been drinking alcohol. A group of teenagers in the house locked the door and would not talk to police even when their parents were brought to the scene.

Police got a search warrant, but those in the house still would not open the door. Police said they had to force entry.

Tasha Durgin, 18, was charged with hosting an underage drinking party and unlawful possession of alcohol. Six other subjects were charged with unlawful possession of alcohol.

Sexual assault

HUDSON, N.H. (AP) – Police say they caught a 20-year-old Nashua man in the act of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in the back of a car.

Christopher Hughes was charged with one count of felonious sexual assault. Police arrested him Saturday after a police officer approached a car parked in a lot.

Hughes was being held on $25,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court Monday.

Rescued kitten

NEW IPSWICH, N.H. (AP) – A kitten discovered in a plastic bag with a tie around her neck is recovering at an animal hospital after being rescued Saturday.

Police Chief Garrett Chamberlin says his department is investigating. The cat was discovered by a woman who was outside raking her property. She heard the kitten’s meow and found it in a knotted plastic bag by the road. The cat was bundled in towels. It was dehydrated and had injuries to its neck from the plastic zip tie. Officials at the Townshend Veterinary Hospital in Massachusetts say the kitten is expected to make a full recovery.