GREENE – Selectmen Monday night discussed raising tire disposal fees because the town is spending three times what it charges to dispose of tires.

For the past few years, Greene has been charging residents $1 to dispose of each tire. That’s $2 less than what it costs the town to get ride of the tires. And it’s not enough, said Town Manager Charlie Noonan. Last year the town spent $4,859 to remove tires from its transfer station.

Selectman Anthony Reny wants to bump the price up to $5 a tire to help balance the town’s disposal fee.

“This way it may discourage residents from bringing it to the transfer station and leave it up to their mechanics to deal with,” he said.

Opposed is Selectman Kevin Mower. “I’m afraid that increasing the cost of tire removal will only result in the town finding more tires along side the roads.”

The cost issue and possibly allowing residents the ability to bring their tires to the transfer station on Saturdays is being looked into, Noonan said. The matters will be discussed at the town’s Solid Waste Committee meeting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 26, at the town municipal office.

In other business, the board is requesting its local ATV club to come in to revisit the one-year agreement to use stretches of town roads as trail segments.

The club came before the board last year and agreed to discuss its progress and address issues after its year agreement was up. Those residents that have a portion of their land used by the club are encouraged to attend the meeting to give the club and town feedback. No meeting has been scheduled to date.