I would like to address the concern of a writer who questioned the new proposed utility tax (April 22). A class given on this subject a few years ago at Garden Day, Central Maine Technical Center, gave me some insight into this situation and I will attempt to give a layman’s view of it.

In nature, when it rains or snows, the water is absorbed into the earth. With the advent of paved roads and other hard surfaces such as roofs and driveways, rain has no choice but to bounce up and drain to the side. In doing so it carries with it substances that are found on these surfaces, such as oil, antifreeze, tar, etc. This moisture, laden with toxic additions, finds its way to storm drains and is carried into the river. The results are predictable.

A price must be paid! The earth was never really intended to be so covered in unnatural materials. How this will be resolved will continue to be a matter of great debate, I’m sure.

Elizabeth Dube, Lewiston